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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Millionaire Match, the oldest and most established online dating site for wealthy singles, compiled a list of the top five tips for the online dating sector to help change the “single” mindset surrounding Valentine’s Day. Based on Millionaire Match user comments in the MM forum and blogs, the “I haven’t found the right one yet, and it’s Valentine’s Day” singles can take a sigh of relief to learn some of the online dating advice, tools to help not only get through the day of love, but to enhance the online dating experience.

Universally, Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the most stressful and depressing holidays for singles. The societal pressure can be cruel to those still searching for their true loves and happy endings, so the Millionaire Match team compiled the following five tips based on actual users commentary, to offer online singles strategies to remain positive, in charge and hopeful.

  1. DON’T LET THE HYPE GET TO YOU: Valentine’s Day has been marketed to the public as a day of romantic love, where couples rule the day as they are apparently “lucky” to have found the one. While we should be happy for those in happy, committed, loving relationships, the day is also a reflection of affection and our love of friends, family. So, go ahead and send your BFF a little gift to say you appreciate him/her, or send a family member a card. Acknowledging the non-romantic love you already have will brighten someone’s day and in turn will make you happy too.
  2. BE PROACTIVE: Okay, so you’re dating online and you’ve met a few potentials, but just don’t feel a true connection, it’s time to take charge. Be proactive by updating your profile, and/or changing your match parameters. If you’re looking for men who are 6’2” or taller, and you haven’t me the “one” yet, go ahead, change it up, as it opens the dating pool, and we all know someone who found their soul mate, who as it turns out didn’t possess every quality on their “must have list.” Online dating takes persistence (in a good way).
  3. DON’T BE SHY: If you’ve been having friendly conversations with a few people online, i.e., getting to know a few prospects, and you would like to go out for Valentine’s Day, go ahead and ask. Yes, it’s the day of “love,” but it’s also just a day, so if you think you can’t go on a first outing on Valentine’s Day, think again. Just don’t try to make the date anything too romantic and instead opt for a fun restaurant, an action movie or bowling, dates that allow you to get to know one another, avoiding the “sharing” special in a restaurant filled with lovelorn diners, smooching every 5 minutes.
  4. PLAN AN ONLINE DATE: So, you’ve been having great conversation with one particular online match, and it’s still not the right time to meet in person, plan a fun online Valentine’s date. This takes the pressure out of the day/date and can be a great way to get to know one another. You can make it a theme date via renting the same movie (stay away from rom-coms) and order pizza and be on the phone, or online chat. Who knows, it could be a cute story you tell your kids/grandkids one day about how you spent your first Valentine’s Day online.
  5. MAKE THE DAY ABOUT YOU: While it may seem to some that “avoiding” the day is unhealthy, we disagree. It can be a day that you totally pamper yourself and treat yourself to your favorite foods, wines, a shopping spree, or just relaxing with a good book, or an uplifting movie/documentary. The about you theme should be ongoing as it makes us stronger and happier.

Millionaire Match values its users, who share their insights, joys, ups-downs and their happy endings with each other via the MM blog and forum, so in addition to the five tips above, anyone can always seek ideas, tips and dating insights at anytime.

Millionaire Match, founded in 2001, a leading online dating site that currently boasts over 4.3 million, members, is geared specifically to wealthy individuals and was named “Best Wealthy Online Dating Site, 2019 and 2020,” by The Millionaire Match clientele encompass a variety of top-tier professionals including Doctors, Lawyers, Celebrities, CEO’s, and Entrepreneurs, who are seeking an array of compatible qualities in a match, including financial equality.

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