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Vegan Diet in the Pandemic – 2022 Resolution

Food is like an Art, a Chef is an Alchemist As we know, most deaths in the United States and West society let's say are preventable, because they...

Inspired Yoga Mat Collection – Freedom At The Mat

15% of Profits Benefit Organizations Serving Underserved Women Freedom At The Mat (FATM) — an online & offline wellness platform dedicated to busy women globally — unveils its premiere...

Science-Based Guide to Build Core Strength

  This might be a great solution to build strength and get a great posture in a short time.  As the author says it is only about '6-Minute Core...

Seasons and Changes: The life-styling to stay healthy

  September is coming, and we should prepare to new lifestyle changes. Why? Every single season is changing our bodies in a certain way. Of course we are all...

5 Effective Ways To Deal With Panic Attacks During COVID

  Anxiety and stress are part of your everyday life; that’s how your brain is conditioned to react in case of crisis. However, sometimes, due to some situations,...

Exclusive Interview with Mukesh Kothari

  This week we had the opportunity to speak with Mukesh Kothari, who took us deeper into the meaning of Yoga. Thank you for your time answering the questions. Please...

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