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    TikTok Content Highlights Flaws in Sexual Education According to New Paper

      Teens and young adults who use TikTok for sexual education may be vulnerable to misinformation. This is according to an article co-authored by Leah Fowler, Research Assistant...

    Creator Economy Platform Koji Announces “Dare U” App

      Koji, the world's most powerful link-in bio platform and leading social media app store, today announced the launch of Dare U, a new link-in bio app that...

    TikTok tips and tricks – How to go Viral on TikTok

    Experiencing tremendous growth, mostly since the quarantine starter, TikTok is the newest trend in the virtual world.  Today, the audience engaged in it are not only pre-teens but...

    Social Media Platforms Playing Their Part in Digital Age Verification 

    According to recent stats, 25% of US minors who log into the internet say they receive illicit messages almost daily. This raised concerns about social bullying, violence,...

    5 Essential & Effective Social Media Tools to Give a Solid Boost to Your...

    Digital Platform is full of sharks. Okay, let us tone down and call them villains on apocalyptic missions. Well, they are not aliens to take over the...

    Business Networking: How to Build Relationships

      Business networking is about building relationships with people for the good of your business. As an entrepreneur or business person, you have to be strategic about the...

    10 Tips to Use Social Media for Businesses

      If you are still using social networks for private purposes only, you are making a big mistake. Nearly half of the world’s population - 3.8 billion people,...

    The future of Mobility, a key driver of technology

      In every city and community around the world, congestion and high traffic have reached unbearable levels. It is simply destroying our quality of life and our environment,...

    Integrating Artificial Intelligence into Businesses in 2020

      To the average person, the concept of artificial intelligence may bring to mind sentient robots and the like, but the reality of AI is almost mundane. Used...

    VITAS® Healthcare Redesigns to Enhance User Experience

      The website's updated design and robust search function provides easier access to information on end-of-life care VITAS Healthcare, the nation's leading provider of end-of-life care, today launched its...

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