Global Power Technologies Launches Sentinel Thermoelectric Generator, an Ultra-Reliable Power Source for Low Power Applications

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#energy–Global Power Technologies (GPT), Inc., a leader in off-grid power solutions announced today the launch of their new natural gas-powered Sentinel Thermoelectric Generator. The Sentinel is a very low-maintenance, trouble-free power source for critical devices with up to 8W DC of continuous power, that is certified for HAZLOC applications.

GPT’s Sentinel provides an alternative offering for industrial devices in urban settings that is more reliable than solar and battery, and has a lower cost than a grid connection. The reliability of the Sentinel is based on an easily serviceable Catalytic Heater Cartridge and optimized thermoelectric performance, that address reliability issues with alternative sources on the market.

The Sentinel has a compact size that allows single-person installation, fits into existing sites and is fence post or wall-mountable.

“We are pleased to offer a more reliable alternative for local gas distribution sites or similar power applications. The Sentinel offers lower operating costs, less risk for safety or environmental mishaps, more frequent data polling for remote monitoring and is simple to install and maintain,” said Laura Kennedy, President of Global Power Technologies. “We are excited to report that our extended run test installations have performed extremely well. They report fewer site visits compared to solar and battery, and we haven’t experienced any of the premature failures that were seen in alternative solutions.”

Other key features of the Sentinel include its ability to operate in ambient conditions from -40C to +49C, silent operation at less than 45 dBA, and certification for use in Class I, Div 2 hazardous locations.

The Sentinel Thermoelectric Generator is now available for shipment in North America.

About Global Power Technologies

Global Power Technologies (GPT) designs and manufactures ultra-reliable off-grid power for 5W to 6 kW industrial applications. GPT’s line of generators, including Combined Heat and Power (CHPs) and solar hybrid-compatible thermoelectric generators (HTEGs), provide reliable and low-cost energy for off-grid applications with critical power needs. With over 45 years of expertise and more than 35,000 power solutions deployed globally, GPT’s products are in operation in over 55 countries around the world. Visit and @global-thermoelectric on LinkedIn.


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