Elevate Your Deductions Management with Bectran’s New Line-Item Level Invoice and Billing Dispute Resolution Process

Bectran optimizes its Claims, Disputes & Settlements System to streamline the user experience and accelerate the dispute resolution cycle

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bectran, Inc., an industry leader providing cutting-edge credit, collections and accounts receivable automation software, has enhanced its Claims, Disputes and Settlements solution to support a simplified user experience and facilitate a more efficient, streamlined resolution process.

This client-centric update emphasizes the importance of a seamless user experience and reduces the time spent within the portal, which means you can redirect your efforts to focus on crucial, strategic initiatives. The dispute resolution solution eliminates the tedious steps of having to go through disparate channels to communicate a dispute, as well as the burden of having to navigate the process through a clunky ERP system. The line-item level enhancement provides a streamlined workflow from dispute submittal through to approval, promoting a smooth customer experience, and significantly shortening the time to resolve billing/invoicing disputes.

The new feature will allow you to dispute specific line items, as opposed to disputing an entire invoice, eliminating multiple steps in the process and making the experience less complex. The traditional resolution process is limited to invoice-level disputed amounts and thus creates a daunting manual process for resolving disputes at the line-item level. The Bectran solution provides the capability to precisely specify claims in amounts or quantities at the invoice’s line-items level, thus facilitating a more accurate and faster resolution.

The Bectran invoice line-item dispute resolution process records all tasks and activities in dynamic audit logs, so that all parties involved can benefit from the transparency, accuracy, speed and efficiency this feature offers. With this update, Bectran users will experience quicker turnaround times for resolutions, leading to an overall faster order-to-cash cycle for you and your customers.

“We wanted to focus on simplifying the billing and invoicing disputes resolution process when designing this new feature to make the Bectran Claims, Disputes and Settlements portal even more convenient and user-oriented,” said Bectran CEO, Louis Ifeguni. “The updated enhancement will remove obstacles that prevent you from executing smooth business transactions, and ultimately put you more in control over the process, while allowing the Bectran system to do all the heavy work for you.”

The line-item level dispute enhancement is now available to our customers.

About Bectran, Inc.

Since its inception in 2010, Bectran has pioneered affordable credit management and accounts receivable automation solutions for all sizes of organizations. Bectran’s SaaS solutions — credit, collections and accounts receivable — provide seamless user experiences across various industries and empower users with robust credit evaluation services, putting you in control of your financial health.

Our dedication to improving the efficiency of the order-to-cash cycle has helped companies cut down the time to process and approve credit by over 90% while significantly lowering the risk of default. We are committed to helping businesses make the transition to powerful SaaS technology solutions that save you time and money. For more information, visit our website.


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Bectran Inc.


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