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CHARLESTON, S.C., Aug. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SIB Holdings (SIBH) is pleased to announce that it has invested in Vector97, a company with extensive knowledge and expertise in waste and recycling programs.

“Visibility remains a challenge for organizations of all sizes,” said Kevin Flounders, CEO of SIBH. “The Vector97 name is synonymous with driving actionable insights from data to improve our clients’ bottom line. The partnership with Vector97 allows SIBH customers to access a new lens to achieve their sustainability and waste management goals. SIBH’s mission empowers its clients through visibility and savings, from our cutting-edge blockchain solution that reimagines how telecom service providers and enterprises purchase capacity to our end-to-end energy solutions. Together with the talented Vector97 team, we will make a profound impact and stay committed to redefining how businesses exchange value.”

Vector helps its clients by diligently managing all aspects of their waste and recycling programs, including data management, contractual terms, administration management, invoice auditing, sustainability strategies and waste reduction. Led by Shelly Binnette, Marc Savas, and Jack Johnson, the company’s tech-enabled workflow platform delivers spend management visibility, organization and optimization.

“Our primary focus has always been serving our clients and arming them with the tools that put them back in control of their waste spend,” said Savas. “We’ll continue to offer world-class waste and recycling optimization to enable our clients to take control of their data, manage their vendors and reduce their fixed costs. There is tremendous potential for synergy between SIBH and Vector97.”

About SIB Holdings

SIB Holdings is the parent company of SIB Fixed Cost Reduction, Cost Control Associates, The Fox Consulting Group, Sage Management and Shipware. Each company contributes its own high level of expertise to create a dynamic synergy that provides the best cost-reduction and data management services available for telecom, energy, waste management, shipping and logistics, treasury and other expense categories. Together SIB has saved more than $4 billion dollars for businesses in all industries across North America. Services include invoice audits, bill pay, enhanced data and account management, energy procurement and account open/close services.

About Vector97

Vector97 provides waste and recycling expense management services to clients including optimization of waste costs, creating visibility into customer data and increasing sustainability efforts. The company’s workflow management system maximizes resources through the optimization of contractual terms with a client’s vendors, employing the correct services and equipment design with the best in-market pricing.

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