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Beverly Hills, California, United States, July 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Information is limited as World TradeX doesn’t make public much about its proprietary platform that creates a seamlessly integrated system for the global food supply. What is known is that this global commodity trading platform fills a huge need in the farming industry and is poised to decentralize farming enabling farmers big and small direct access to buyers around the globe. 

The World TradeX App features include blockchain, NFT, logistics, finance, and more. They have recruited not only some of the best coders from companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Tinder including a few past executives. Although the App is in beta and the website only allows a Pre-registration for first access when launched. World TradeX is taking meetings with some of Wall Street’s top firms that would provide the most reliable underwriting. 

According to a World TradeX exec at the most recent Forbes AG summit “World TradeX is the future of food”.  For those looking to get in early and purchase stock before the IPO there seems to be a line already started.  Interested parties are directed to contact Goldman Thornton & Stern located in Beverly Hills. 

Information or questions in regard to World TradeX  should be directed to :
Attention: Investor/Media Relations
Goldman Thornton & Stern 
Beverly Hills
[email protected]

CONTACT: Company name: World TradeX

Contact person: Michael thornton

Email: [email protected]

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