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Vaccination continues to create economic optimism

LONDON, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “COVID-19 The Road to Economic Recovery – Thematic Research” report offered by Globaldata tries to understand the impact of COVID-19 across major economies. The economic recovery section covers key messages, economic recovery scorecard, COVID-19 infection update, GDP and inflation, stimulus packages, and unemployment.

The global economy is projected to grow at a record pace. Vaccinations are underway and are expected to be widely available to large populations, resulting in a V-shaped recovery for most major economies. The virus is, however, unlikely to go away and the outlook will remain dependent on the effective distribution of the vaccines.

Major Economic Predictions

Growth will be uneven: The recovery will be uneven across countries, sectors, and income levels. Developing nations will have added challenges such as a reduction in remittances on top of increasing fiscal deficit and gross debt. Most nations will see an exacerbation in income inequalities, with most job losses occurring at the bottom end of the earnings distribution.

Accommodative monetary policy to continue: Governments will continue to implement suitable fiscal and monetary measures in order to revive the affected economies. The Fed has vowed to maintain ultra-low interest rates and continue hefty asset purchases until “substantial further progress has been made”.

Green infrastructure investment will be top of the agenda: Major economies are focusing on a sustainable recovery, with climate-friendly initiatives and digital transformation efforts being on top of the agenda. There has been a significant push to divert stimulus towards green initiatives, especially in Europe. Renewable energy, electric vehicles, and ecosystem restoration will be popular budget inclusions.

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Key Highlights

  • Asian nations to recover faster than their Western peers
  • Uniform recovery is expected across major nations in the Americas in 2021
  • Rising inflation signals looming issues for major economies
  • Governments, led by the EU, are focusing on a sustainable economic recovery
  • Public debt levels are soaring but unlikely to drive countries into difficulties

For more insights on economic recovery post-COVID-19, download a sample report

GlobalData’s COVID19 Economic Recovery Scorecard

GlobalData’s economic recovery scorecard provides an indicator of economic recovery prospects by ranking countries on ten macroeconomic measures. Country rankings are based on a country’s weighted average relative performance on ten key economic indicators, selected by our macroeconomic team. These indicators and their weightings may change in the future, depending on our macroeconomic team’s assessment of their relative importance at a particular moment in time. Our traffic light reporting system is based on an indicator’s deviation from the median value. The upper and lower thresholds that determine favorable, neutral, and negative performance for each indicator vary, depending on the deviation from the median value for that indicator. Rarely, an economic indicator may not be available. In such instances, the value appears blank on the scorecard and the country is ranked only on the remaining, available indicators. The most recent published data is used. Depending on reporting frequency, the most recent value for each indicator might differ between countries.

Reasons to Buy

  • Up-to-date insights on the performance of major economies.
  • GlobalData’s proprietary economic recovery scorecard, which ranks the top 35 countries’ performance on the 10 most important economic indicators.
  • Updates on high-frequency macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, inflation, business confidence, consumer confidence, industrial production, and equity markets.
  • In-depth analysis of the economic performance of the world’s largest economies.
  • Can be used as a strategic tool to understand market dynamics, business potential, and direction of operations in the economy.

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Table of Contents

  • Contents Introduction
  • Key messages
  • Economic recovery scorecard
  • Stimulus packages
  • COVID-19 infection update
  • Economic Recovery
  • GDP and inflation
  • Interest rates
  • Sector indices
  • Unemployment
  • Appendices
  • Macroeconomic forecast
  • Country dashboards
  • Methodology

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