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Oakland, California–(Newsfile Corp. – July 6, 2022) – Work-Life Brilliance has announced the launch of two programs that can help clients better manage their thoughts and emotions to improve productivity in all areas of their lives.

The “Upgrade Your Thoughts, Upgrade Your Life” program is specifically geared towards individuals who are struggling with negative mindsets like stress, anxiety, procrastination, and fear that are holding them back from achieving their true potential in life. As an outcome of evolution, the fight or flight response is easily triggered, and individuals are highly sensitive to any situations that might be negative. It is difficult to get constructive outcomes when a person is experiencing stress and anxiety. The program teaches clients a simple model that helps them interrupt fear so they can think clearly and take calm, confident action.

The “Reduce Overwhelm & Boost Productivity” program focuses on helping clients to trick their brains into changing the self-destructive patterns that they have fallen into. Individuals are programmed to resist change, but the program allows clients to steer easily through changes to become confident, productive, and more fulfilled. The program uses tools and techniques to stop clients from feeling overwhelmed. Through its six-minute life assessment, clients can understand what deserves the most attention in their lives and drop their guilt. Clients learn how to prioritize tasks, strategies to manage distractions and interruptions, get tips to delegate tasks where necessary, and learn about common mistakes that need to be avoided. When they start implementing the tools shared in the course, they begin to feel calm and productive.

Commenting on the programs, executive coach and author Denise R. Green said, “These two programs help clients to go from a place where they are mentally and emotionally weak to one where they are confident, calm, and productive. We upgrade painful thoughts and get them to progressively transform their lives through the use of models I have developed based on scientific studies. The idea is to help people plant a seed in their heads that changes their identity from weak to powerful where they take control of their emotions and change their lives to achieve their true potential and work-life Brilliance.”

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