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Juniverse will reward users for their health-centric decisions.

Road Town, BVI, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

A company incorporated on the British Virgin Island, named Juniverse Global Ltd focuses business operations around superfruits eg: Jaboticaba plus creating a health app catering to health-conscious consumers permitting usage of Juniverse tokens to get health products. 

As of now, Juniverse first batch products include Fresh Jaboticaba Fruit, Jaboticaba Energetic Vinegar, Jaboticaba Stingless Bee Honey, Enzyme Fibre, Peptide and Natto energy antioxidant drink mix powder.

In the near future, we might develop a range of new products such as cosmetic items and alcoholic beverages with the Fruit as a core component. We have an ongoing collaboration with the University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology of Taiwan professors to conduct raw materials and products research.Juniverse plans to release the health app in 2023 with an advanced set of features at launch, including staking capabilities, games, and a fully-functional marketplace. However, in 2023, the app’s features will be further expanded to include a health club functionality with exclusive membership opportunities offered to those who stake their tokens.

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