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Jakarta, Indonesia–(Newsfile Corp. – July 2, 2022) – Edtech Cakap together with Indonesian Migrant Worker Protection Board (BP2MI), grants a scholarship for thousands of prospective migrant workers. This aims to elevate their competency especially in mastering foreign languages, so that Indonesia Migrant Workers will have a better career. Up until now, there are around 4.4 million Indonesian migrant workers spread across various countries, with the largest concentration in Malaysia, East Asia (Hong Kong and Taiwan) and a number of Middle Eastern countries. In the last decade, Indonesian Migrant Workers (formerly abbreviated TKI, now PMI) have been associated with negative stories, domestic work, and less skill. In the future, the Indonesian government targets that the migrant workers will be placed in sectors that prioritize skillful jobs.

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Therefore, BP2MI cooperates with a number of regional governments in eradicating the illegal agency for PMIs. The regions who joined in the cooperation scheme are mostly the large number of PMI contributors such as Pekalongan in Central Java, Timor Tengah Utara and West Manggarai Regency in East Nusa Tenggara. In addition to the local government, BP2MI also cooperates with five educational institutions to provide skill training, especially in the scope of foreign languages. Edtech Cakap, is an upskilling platform that BP2MI is partnering with in providing Mandarin and English courses.

According to data from the International Labor Organization (ILO) in 2019, it was estimated that there were 169 million global migrant workers spread across the globe. Data from the same year also shows that 66.2% of these migrant workers work in the service sector. This sector certainly has a need for highly skilled mastery of foreign languages according to the location arrangement.

Jonathan Dharmasoeka, Cakap’s Chief of Business welcomed this collaboration considering Cakap’s position as one of the leading upskilling and career enhancement platforms in Indonesia that could support BP2MI’s to produce trained skilled workers. He said that Cakap recognizing the provision of language for prospective Indonesian Migrant Workers is very important, especially regarding the vocabulary of the sector or field of work. Foreign language training aims to make Indonesian Migrant Workers highly proficient in skill and communication. With this language training, it is Cakap’s expectation that it will open up access to better jobs, and higher earnings.

Edtech Cakap targets that more than a thousand prospective migrant workers will receive foreign language courses before being placed in their designated countries. Currently, there are PMI candidates who have received Mandarin classes before being sent to their destination countries, especially Singapore. The online training scholarship started on March 27, 2022 for 48 sessions for three to five students (semi-private).

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