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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia–(Newsfile Corp. – June 22, 2022) – Travel-it, the Saudi Arabia-based tourism platform, and app, is re-launching its ‘Saudi Will Surprise You’ travel option this summer. 

Travel-it is introducing a new ‘Surprise Holiday’ feature to their service. Set to launch this summer, the function is called ‘Saudi Will Surprise You’ and will curate mystery vacations for users. While to some, this might sound like a scary plunge into the unknown, for many, it will be a welcome release from the stress of micro-managing a trip. Aside from this, Travel-it hopes to reintroduce a sense of fun and spontaneity into global travel, particularly after everyone was forced to spend the best part of two years stuck inside during the pandemic.

These mystery trips will revolve around the emerging tourist destination of Saudi Arabia. Before COVID-19 hit, more and more tourists had been choosing the Middle Eastern nation as their next holiday location; from 2017 to 2019, the number of tourists being welcomed by Saudi Arabia shot up from 15 million to 19 million. This was a record-high for the country. Now that its borders are open once again and its COVID restrictions have been lifted, it looks set to pick up where it left off prior to the pandemic.

Travel-it has positioned itself at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector, offering one-of-a-kind experiences and packages that celebrate travelers’ sense of adventure. The curated initiatives take tourists away from the traditionally visited sites and instead lead them to discover the hidden gems of Saudi Arabia. The company’s founder, Abdulkareem Almutairi, outlines the inspiration behind this: “With this new vision for Travel-it, we want to make the experiences as rich and fulfilling for visitors as possible. We believe the best way to do this is by showcasing Saudi Arabia’s lesser-known highlights.”

Travel-it is also keen to elevate local tourism across the country rather than concentrating this in a couple of main tourism hubs. Through the new ‘Saudi Will Surprise You’ function, it is helping travel operators to gain clients while bringing travellers to places they end up falling in love with but would not otherwise have chosen to go to.

From 2010 to 2019, the percentage of people traveling to Saudi Arabia for a vacation rather than for business or other reasons nearly tripled. Travel-it offers these new tourists an eclectic mix of excursions and activities; these include the chance to experience the rich culture of Taif, visiting its iconic Shupra Castle and the largest volcano of its kind in the Middle East at Al-Wahbah. Travel-it also incorporates traditional Saudi Arabian musical performances and the opportunity to dive into the histories of key locations, such as Al-Eyadah Palace and the Fahd historical village in Hail.

Through all of its ‘Saudi Will Surprise You’ holidays, Travel-it is passionate about curating turnkey travel solutions that are as sustainable and environmentally-friendly as possible. The fact that travel oversees the entirety of each itinerary means it is able to monitor the environmental bigger picture and ensure that sustainability underpins all activities and excursions.

In a world where people continually seek control, Travel-it makes a convincing case for relieving the stress-filled micro-managing and planning of every aspect of daily life. With ‘Saudi Will Surprise You,’ holidaymakers are invited to dive into the unknown, and discover a world of culture and adventure that they would not have otherwise allowed themselves to embrace.

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