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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – June 21, 2022) – Posthubb announces the launch of a groundbreaking and innovative device. will help millions of people around the globe in receiving an errorless parcel delivery; an issue that is considered one of the big pain points in the consumers’ life when receiving parcels. An all weather electronic waterproof box-like device with multiple features, Posthubb is designed to receive a parcel from any courier delivery service instead of the customer themselves, ensuring the receipt of the parcel even if the customer is not at home.

Adam Goryl

Posthubb has launched and is available at Kickstarter. Once the campaign is complete, Post Hubb will then be available on its official website.

Posthubb is a device made from ABS plastics that includes a dual layer security with inner and outer ribbed casing to ensure an extremely hard and shatterproof durable device that always looks minimalist yet modern and sleek certified to be sold world wide following all the correct guidelines as an all-weather outdoor device. The creators claim that it can sustain scorching heat during summer and chilling cold during winters. Equipped with an AI human detection sensor containing a 180-degree field of view and an innovative locking mechanism, Posthubb can be accessed via a mobile application where it also sends notifications when you have received the delivery of the parcel successfully.

Since it’s a cloud-based mobile application, users will be able to go through their data anytime they want to access Posthubb, either programming it for another code to be used as they ordered another package to their home knowing they won’t be home the same time tomorrow after the package will be delivered,  or simply just to open it via the menu option. Users can also check the battery life on the app coupled with enhanced biometrics to ensure a safe login via the user profile created.

The courier will be able to perform a delivery with Posthubb by entering the product code the customer had set first at the time of ordering the product by reading the special instructions they set the code for the delivery driver This code is entered in the special instructions on the website & in the Posthubb application. Entering the code will open the lid of the box, allowing the courier to place the parcel inside the box. Once the box touches the bottom, and the lid closes having sensed this, after triggering the weight sensors it will subsequently send a ‘successful delivery’ notification to the receiver’s mobile.

In case of any fraudulent parcel delivery activity, where the courier might take the parcel outside after placing it inside the box, the device detects it has been opened by the pin code under the ‘delivery codes’ section in the app. It will not matter if the weight sensor detects weight from a parcel or not. Once the lid is shut, Posthubb knows if it was either placed in then taken out or just opened then closed without any parcel delivered. This is because Posthubb will know it was opened via the delivery code set in the application only the owner has access to. This will then log the entry as a failed attempt. This logs the weight if there was any, and the time the code was entered along with the date, to ensure that they can easily track who was on shift at that particular time, in that area, on that day.

This will then instantly generate a ‘failed delivery’ notification, notifying the customer of a fraudulent activity taking place, providing the customer with enough power & excellent evidence to file a complaint against the courier.

Posthubb is being launched against the backdrop of rampant cases of parcel deceit, especially in the United Kingdom and the US. According to research conducted by Citizens Advice, in the UK alone, 20 million people had received the “Sorry you were out” card along with damaged parcels in the year 2020, despite some of even being home at the time. The research further found that ten parcels were being stolen, or lost every minute without reaching the hands of the owner. Moreover, different research carried out around the globe echoes similar complaints from the public.

In this context, the advent of Posthubb is considered to be groundbreakingly convenient for millions of people as well as thousands of courier services as it will expectedly enable them to get rid of the majority of calls from frustrated customers and financial losses.

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