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Longwood, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – June 17, 2022) – Forward-thinking entrepreneur, Kunal Vyas, launches RxMile, a digital independent pharmacy solution to bridge the gap between pharmacies and consumer engagement.

Kunal Vyas

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Kunal Vyas might just be challenging the status quo in the pharmaceutical industry, especially for independent pharmacies and modern consumers who desire home delivery, as he launches RxMile. RxMile is created as an independent pharmacy delivery service platform to help address the widening gap between pharmacies and their customers by leveraging technology to enable them to receive their products at home.

According to Vyas, “The gap between independent pharmacies and chain brands has become much too wide, and his own pharmacy was struggling. Something needed to be done to level the playing field, hence, RxMile was born! It is a solution that works to help empower independent pharmacies to achieve higher consumer outreach and retention rates.”

RxMile will help pharmacies to embrace digitization, with the ability to meet all contractual PBM obligations without requiring them to break the bank. The independently owned brand will enable smaller scale pharmacies to compete in a world of fast-paced home delivery-oriented companies, with its scalability making it ideal for all sizes of pharmacies and market situations. This allows them to leverage their last mile. However, as Kunal Vyas states, “People have been trying to disrupt the pharmacy industry. For twenty years it’s been surveyed, those patients prefer independent pharmacies over mail order pharmacies over the decade or so they’ve been in existence. And I just feel that it might be the wrong direction. They’ve got the right idea, but they need to utilize the independent pharmacies to actually disrupt this industry.”

In addition to its relative affordability and scalability, RxMile also helps to reduce the time and effort required to digitize a pharmacy, opening up the space to investors and practitioners who do not have the big bucks. Other features and functionalities of the all-inclusive platform include delivery, tracking, audit support, legal compliance, pay-on-delivery, contactless signature, co-pay collection, and refill consent forms, delivering a unique, pleasurable consumer experience. The portal is also designed to work directly with existing pharmacy software for easy integration, eliminating the need to make huge investments.

RxMile will undoubtedly chart a new course in the medical landscape, offering independent chains a foothold in the industry and allowing them to become worthy competitors.

For further information about RxMile and its unique features, visit – RxMile can also be found across social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.

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