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Asheville, North Carolina–(Newsfile Corp. – June 14, 2022) – House of SOLEIL announces its purpose-driven coaching platform to help entrepreneurs build more sustainable and inclusive businesses. This is being achieved through its Sojourn of Light™️ coaching method, which incorporates a variety of techniques grounded in spirituality, such as ancestral healing, yoga, and heart connection.

The SOL Coaching Circles revolve around a drive to improve entrepreneurs’ ‘divine alignment’ with nature. Essential to this pursuit is House of SOLEIL’s unique encouragement for all their students to embrace ‘biomimicry.’ This is an appreciation of the symbiosis between themselves and nature and how they can find their place in it. Biomimicry is built on the foundation of the idea that nature repeatedly shows itself to be hugely effective at solving problems and that we can all learn from this. For example, this is epitomized by Gaudi’s use of natural forms, such as the sprawling canopies of trees, to provide support to La Sagrada Familia.

As House of SOLEIL’s founder, Cortina Jenelle, underlines, “We have built this coaching program off the back of two decades’ worth of success through community building, entrepreneurial design, business development, holistic wellness, and strategic planning. We integrate all of these aspects to help foster creativity in entrepreneurs – because when we are receptive to creative impulses, we open ourselves up to our in-built desire to help people and improve the world through our work.”

With regards to House of SOLEIL’s mission to help business leaders improve the sustainability of their companies, it seems that the US public is strongly backing such a shift in attitude towards the environment. Studies show that 77% of Americans are concerned about the environmental impact of products they purchase, while 64% of Americans are happy to pay more for sustainable products.

The opportunity is there, and House of SOLEIL is helping entrepreneurs cultivate a more socially conscious approach toward business. Its mission of ‘divine alignment’ revolves around healing – both personal and environmental. Vital to this is the coaching program’s combination of self-taught and instruction-based work. By allowing students to move through the material at their own pace, they can assimilate the information and consolidate this through the various exercises and activities included in the workbook. With this grounding, students are then given the opportunity to discuss their ideas with peers and connect with House of SOLEIL’s wider community of entrepreneurs in group sessions.

House of SOLEIL’s coaching methodology stands atop four key pillars, each of which corresponds to an element, underlining the biomimicry that underpins the course. Firstly, there is the ‘Journey of Fire,’ which focuses on drawing out the spiritual side of the entrepreneur and cultivating greater mental and emotional strength.

Secondly, there is the ‘Journey of Water,’ which centers on the ’emotional body’ of the student. Through this aspect of the program, entrepreneurs are taught how to align themselves with their goals and objectives. Thirdly, the House of Soleil coaching program elevates the ‘mental body’ through its ‘Journey of Air.’ This involves breathwork and giving students an understanding of how their thoughts, beliefs, and relationships coalesce to shape their reality.

Fourthly and finally, participants undergo the ‘Journey of Earth,’ which tackles the ‘physical body.’ This entails an in-depth assessment of entrepreneurs’ wellness aims and provides them with a deeper understanding of how these can help bring about sustainable business growth – and personal growth.

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