If you own a home or a business and want to supply yourself with green energy, you should rely on Swiss technology: The company 3D Wind AG has developed VAYU®, a wind turbine that puts conventional turbines in the shade.

In times of climate change and high energy prices, there is much to be said for taking power generation for one’s own needs into one’s own hands – with a CO2-neutral wind turbine. Reservations about such wind turbines on one’s own roof include too much noise, hardly any efficiency or the danger to birds. The Bern-based company 3D Wind AG has found innovative answers to these problems with its VAYU® turbine: VAYU® is compact, silent and generates green energy around the clock when the wind blows – according to information, it is the world’s first wind turbine with a new patented 3-dimensional motion technology that delivers electricity almost silently with a pleasantly harmonious and bionic motion.

In this way, it remains true to its environmentally conscious style: “Visually, the turbine is reminiscent of dragonfly wings,” says Theo H. Grepper, founder of 3D Wind AG. Yet the VAYU®, which is available in several colors, combines physical superiority with mechanical simplicity: the individual blades also rotate on their axis. This leads to higher efficiency than with conventional 2D drives.

Whether on your own home, on industrial buildings or on fields, hills, or gardens: YAVU® can be placed anywhere. The turbine’s technology can be combined with solar panels to generate electricity even in low wind conditions. And there is something else that sets VAYU® apart from horizontal and vertical 2D wind turbines: The innovation from Switzerland offers up to 40 percent higher efficiency in power generation – even in low wind conditions.

“We are convinced that our wind turbine is the solution to previous sustainability problems,” explains Theo Grepper. The way the turbine moves is revolutionary and symbolizes the connection between man and nature.

3D Wind AG was founded in 2017 by Theo Grepper. The spin-off company is dedicated to developing solutions for the production of green energy from wind technologies. You can find more information on our website and connect with us on LinkedIn.

3D Wind AG
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Source: RealWire

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