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Jacksonville, Florida–(Newsfile Corp. – April 29, 2022) – FCA Financial is proud to share information on living benefits to help prevent families from reaching bankruptcy and retiring happily and successfully. The financial services firm uses free living benefits within all of their life insurance policies to help Americans become protected when tragedy strikes.

Financial services specialist Paul Deitch-Cummings has made it his mission to educate and empower individuals and families and equip them with the much-needed tools to become prepared and protected from a future economic breakdown or tragedy. Having experienced surviving through life from paycheck to paycheck, Paul did not want others to go through what he did in the past, “I want to educate, empower, and make sure that if a family is struck with a tragedy like I was, that they will be protected and won’t have to deal with a lot of the issues I did!” “No one plans to fail but many people fail to plan.”

Living Benefits, which is a free rider on an insurance policy protects people not only in case of death but also if they suffer from terminal, chronic, or critical illness/injury. With 60% of bankruptcies occurring from medical reasons, living benefits allow clients the option to use a portion of the death benefit for medical expenses, living expenses, and access to tax free money to spend how they wish. “Our clients also can’t lose money because their policy is guaranteed through a contract,” Paul said. As part of his experience Paul has been supporting his family financially since he was 16 living in Hawaii and wants to spread the knowledge he’s learned from his experiences that aren’t taught in schools or in college. Many people who are employed have life insurance policies through their employer. However the amount nor versatility of the plan isn’t sufficient in case something does happen. When COVID was at its peak millions of people lost their jobs and with it their life insurance benefits as well. Due to the massive advancement in medical technology and pharmaceuticals the odds of surviving a critical illness/injury are much higher now than they’ve ever been.

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Paul Deitch-Cummings

“I use Index Universal Life policy to serve as a tax free retirement vehicle that builds cash value and has living benefits included.” Paul added, “You can also take a loan/use money from your policy that the cash value accrues to avoid penalty charges that would occur with traditional retirement plans. Life Insurance isn’t bought with money, it’s bought with health and my job is to get to people before something happens to them.”

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