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London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – April 27, 2022) – This April, PurpleBeach are releasing a Manifesto – a manual of People Innovation Principles to instruct leaders on how to unlock and harness the potential of their people and technology to drive sustainable innovation and commercial growth in their business. This Manifesto has been 10-years in the making and has been brought to life with the help of BackBay Communications.

Founded by Annemie Ress, PurpleBeach work with global businesses who are ready to transform, digitally and otherwise, grow commercially, and harness technology to deliver great service and become industry leaders.

Why now?

When Covid-19 turned the world upside down, businesses adapted quickly to survive. Many fundamental business processes were usurped, traditional hierarchies recontoured and companies became nimble because they had no other choice.

PurpleBeach believes there is no ‘new normal’ one cannot expect to return to, or arrive at, a static ‘normal’. There is only new. The world will forever be in a state of flux and therefore forever in need of resilient and dynamic responses to change. This is becoming increasingly more obvious, and no longer possible for businesses and leaders to ignore.

This rapid evolution of what constitutes ‘new’ will continue to require companies to transform themselves and their approach – in order to remain innovative and unlock sustainable growth. If the pandemic proved anything it would be that fixed mindsets, inculcated behaviours, and leadership norms that promote groupthink and the status quo have no place in the future.

What is People Innovation?

PurpleBeach believes that to successfully navigate this evolving landscape, companies need to be as innovative with their people as they are with their product development or their go-to-market strategies.

Often businesses and leaders can fall into the trap of expecting innovation to just happen. PurpleBeach has long emphasised that when this happens, a crucial opportunity is missed. That is, the opportunity to practice People Innovation, the process of being innovative with the very people one expects to successfully drive innovation in one’s business.

PurpleBeach strives to help leaders embrace opportunities to practice People Innovation in their businesses in order to reap the rewards of transformation. This approach, along with principles and detailed examples is what is outlined in PurpleBeach’s Manifesto.

PurpleBeach’s A Manifesto for People Innovation has been published online at:

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