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Grand Ledge, Michigan, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Overview:

  • Mplaza is a unique project in the BSC that allows users to create their own NFT games, build a community, or drive sales.
  • The project combines cryptocurrency and metaverse features to develop a decentralized and innovative platform.
  • Mplaza promises its initial investors registering in the first three weeks an APY of up to 800%.

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Today, the gaming industry is embracing blockchain power and estimates a disruption of US$ 200 billion globally with blockchain. Mplaza is a decentralized NFT platform that offers real-life experience in its blockchain metaverse. The unique project provides a 360 virtual hangout space developed for Web2 and Web3 technologies by combining metaverse and crypto evolution. Here users can interact, generate income, and get experiences similar to the real world in the metaverse universe. With their innovative offering, the project is also offering 800% APY for initial investors of Mplaza investing in the first three weeks.

What is Mplaza?

The blockchain game sector will soon rise to the next level with metaverse an NFT, and players can interact, design, and make profits. The metaverse built on the blockchain aims to offer a similar experience to the real world in the virtual universe. Realizing this potential of blockchain, the decentralized NFT platform Mplaza is all set to provide unique features throughout its journey.

Mplaza offers features like designing your own NFT game, driving sales, sharing engaging content, creating NFT, and more, all while interacting with people through VR, chat, and voice technologies.

Mplaza features

Mplaza is a unique platform with 360 benefits providing virtual shopping experiences and user-friendly features. The platform is aimed to transform the metaverse and decentralize social media and e-commerce. 

With the following Mplaza features, users can create the most of their digital assets.

  • Shops: Users can go on a virtual shopping spree or set up their own shop to sell digital assets and creations like NFT artworks. The pre-built assets will help users to have a complete virtual shopping experience.
  • Build Your Own NFT Game: The platform will offer a plethora of play-to-earn games. Users can also develop their custom NFT games within the metaverse.
  • NFT Galleries: The platform allows users to design and generate their NFT galleries which will host NFTs from all platforms with easy transfer solutions. Users can also create and mint their NFT designs. 
  • Event Halls: The platform will also offer customizable virtual event halls where users can meet, connect, socialize, and organize virtual events.
  • NFT Avatars: Users can create their NFT avatars in the Mplaza metaverse and make the most of the NFT assets.
  • Networking: In this commercial hangout space, users can network by sharing content, culture, and information with fellow users using a virtual platform that is customizable.
  • Interoperable Platform: Mplaza aims to become a 100% interoperable platform that supports major blockchains.


$Mplaza utility token is essential to carry out different functions across the Mplaza ecosystem. The multi-cross chain token will be listed on all top central exchanges with parallelly running contracts. The bridge will maintain the token price and volume. 

The company will deploy the BEP 20 token on the BSC network, followed by ETH and Solana blockchain deployment. 

$Mplaza charges an 8% tax fee on all buy and sell transactions. 5% fees will go towards development and 3% to the liquidity pool. Once the token is live, the company will also introduce the staking dashboard. 

$Mplaza tokenomics

Mplaza token distribution is as follows:

  • 40% towards Mplaza Pinksale presale
  • 10% toward burn
  • 5% towards product development and marketing
  • 15% towards exchange listings
  • 10% towards NFT games
  • 10% towards staking
  • 10% towards team members; locked and vested for two years


Mplaza allows users to build a community, drive sales for their NFT creations, and design NFT games in the BSC. Currently, they are in their second development stage. The company is looking forward to CMC & CG listing and releasing their NFT marketplace. With such unique offerings Mplaza aims to enhance information access, transaction speed, and data storage.

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CONTACT: Richard Costner
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