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Doshi is a young cryptocurrency project that was launched on March 22, 2022 and has already established a strong, passionate community.

Denver, Colorado, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Doshi, the brand new project bringing together the iconic Doge and Shiba communities has been making a splash in the crypto space! Doshi is making some waves on the Ethereum Blockchain and has already accomplished some amazing achievements. One of the biggest hurdles any new project faces is growth and maintaining hype’. A constantly overlooked factor to most new project’s is how fundamental the community is to any sort of development and growth. A community is the heart that pumps blood to all other areas of development: marketing, development, events, public relations, chart growth, organic growth.

Why is DOSHI different?

Doshi is a young cryptocurrency project that was launched on March 22, 2022 and has already established a strong, passionate community. Doshi has built a remarkable ‘Monday Industry Night,’ bringing on industry leaders to their Twitter Space, directly accomplishing their goal of bringing communities together. Most prominently, on Monday, April 18, 2022, Doshi brought on Russell Armand, COO of Saitama LLC. Armand, widely known throughout the space, spoke for upwards of 90 minutes on Doshi’s Twitter Space to over 2400 listeners. Doshi then introduced Armand with his very own ‘Saitama Wolf’ game character in Doshi Go, along with a Doshi treasury investment. Doshi plans on building their Monday Nights to greater lengths, establishing a vast network and making friends and alliances, as opposed to enemies. With Certik onboarded, and the next burn of 5% of supply scheduled at 1000 holders, the first Chapter of this story has created headlines.

Taking Advantage of Trends!

As of the time of this writing,, they are about halfway done with the development of their Play to Earn Game (p2e) Doshi GO. They will make a spark in the Crypto Gaming space, with their plans of a full game release, which is described as a 3D Go Kart Racing Game, by the end of May, 2022. Users can take advantage of a simple blockchain based wagering system to challenge friends and other communities in events! The branding and graphics of Doshi all ties together with their most focused mission: bringing communities together.

Any new project in this space lives or dies by their willingness to collaborate and facilitate community involvement. This is emerging as a key difference between the 20x hype-coins versus the 1000x projects that willingly integrate this factor. I will be following this project closely and attending these nights to gain networking opportunities and watch this approach unfold.

“Monday Industry Night” takes place every Monday night at 8PM EST on the Doshi Twitter Spaces — projects are best involved by bringing along their own army and communities to support them and take advantage of the massive networking opportunity for themselves — It is free of charge and they can reach out to the team via any official platform from the website to be booked in.

Use the following link to listen in on the last “Monday Industry Night” with Doshi Team and guests:



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