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KuCoin officially announced that CoolMining will be open for trading

New York, NY, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As an open-world mining simulation GameFi, the mission of CoolMining – an on-chain simulation game that is built upon real-life hash power, is to empower the community to participate in PoW mining in a decentralized manner. It was first launched on KCC (KuCoin Community Chain).

Debuting as KuCoin’s first IGO (initial game offering) project (on February 25, KuCoin officially announced that CoolMining will be open for trading), CoolMining has been widely welcomed by the market. During the pre-IGO activity on February 21, the CoolMining tokens valued at $180,000 was sold out only within 3 minutes at the price of $0.6 per token, joining Axie Infinity as the most popularized project.

In addition to the collaboration with KuCoin, CoolMining has also announced the cooperation with BitMain, Antminer Pool, a21x as well as a set of other leading institutions, significantly accelerating the build-up of the CoolMining ecosystem.

CoolMining is an on-chain simulation game based on real-life hash power. In the CoolMining world, there are a variety of ways for players to possess computing power. Various occupations are also available for players to choose, players are able to participate as stakers, miners or mining site owners, immersing themselves into the mining world vividly from different perspectives. The most exciting part is – it is the first Gamefi project with NFTs backed by real life assets. All hash power in the game corresponds to real-life hashrate. Every player has a chance to earn BTC rewards via playing the CoolMining game.

In order to enable all junior miners to enjoy an authentic mining experience without having to bear the noisy environment and complex operation one could encounter in real crypto mining process, the CoolMining project decides turn mining, a hard-core and complicated business, into a much more fun journey – which is the simulation game based on blockchain.

There are two ways to start playing the CoolMining game:

1.Staking through mining pool. Put CoolHash, the hashrate token, into the mining pool to “connect” to the BTC network and start earning BTC rewards. This is currently available on the CoolMining website. Users can also obtain CoolHash token at Mojitoswap.

2.Mining using miner NFTs. Players need to collect miner accessories first to customise miners. The miners help to accelerate mining by adding hashrate bonus, which will translate into higher BTC rewards for players.

All of CoolMining’s gaming mechanism is realised on-chain through smart contracts that are audited by Certik.

In CoolMining, there are two types of NFTs, one is CoolPart NFT and the other is CoolMiner NFT.

The CoolPart NFT will be minted in the form of Mystery Boxes via official website. players can get it either through minting using CoolPart NFTs or purchasing CoolMiner NFTs directly in the CoolMarket (the official NFT marketplace of CoolMining).

All CoolMiner NFTs are unique miners minted by players by combining CoolPart NFTs together. The performance of the miners is determined by the attributes and rarity levels of composing parts.



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