The success story of MoovIT began in January 2012 and has always been closely aligned with the fundamental changes taking place in the video and IT space. In order to meet constantly evolving demands across its business and build the foundations for further growth, the Cologne-based broadcast and IT service provider will launch a subsidiary company, MoovIT Software Products GmbH, on 1 March 2022.

Following the European Football Championship in summer 2021, Jan Fröhling, one of MoovIT’s five founders, concluded: “It was new for us; we were looking for solutions, and they worked.” At this event, MoovIT had been tasked with rapidly redesigning all previously planned workflows at short notice to enable pandemic-ready remote working. However, Jan Fröhling’s conclusions also reflect the guiding principle that MoovIT has followed throughout its ten-year history.

The five founders and current managing directors of MoovIT – Katja Meyer, Wolfgang Felix, Jan Fröhling, Rafael Hutter and Tobias Trumpfheller – began with the goal of forging stronger connections between broadcast and IT workflows. The company developed its expertise in broadcast IT services, technical planning, workflows, software development and event support into defined business segments. Over the next decade, this expertise created the basis for numerous integration and software solutions that continue to attract customers from across Germany and further afield, in industries ranging from broadcasting and sport to public institutions. MoovIT quickly evolved beyond its start-up phase, building intensive relationships with sports event organisers, broadcasters and production houses.

The Helmut software program was developed based on project management solutions designed to support reliable management and automation of video files in sports coverage. Helmut has since become the global standard for users of Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Audition in this field. Alongside this, MoovIT’s TitleTool video localisation software is used by businesses and agencies to localize video content.

MoovIT has collaborated closely with partners including Adobe, EditShare, EVS and Sony, to the benefit of all parties – including end-user customers. The company has been a real trailblazer in the development and implementation of workflows; the launch of the Teltec agency in 2013 under one roof with MoovIT, has further reinforced these developments.

Customers are constantly confronted with ever-evolving conditions and challenges, such as those created by the pandemic in recent times – and this drives MoovIT’s planning and support teams to seek and find answers. The company’s main asset is its ability to combine standardised hardware and software solutions with customised elements that fit specific customer needs. Many of MoovIT’s current projects already contain the building blocks that will pave the way for the media industry’s next fundamental transformation – cloud-based hybrid workflows.

Today, 40 employees work at MoovIT’s headquarters in Cologne, plus sites in Austria and Portugal. The company’s sales revenue have grown to over 5 million EUR since the company was launched, with software development and support currently the fastest-growing areas of the business. MoovIT is continuing to invest not only in innovation, but also in spreading the word; case studies, success stories, social media posts and in-house video formats such as TechJeck showcase MoovIT’s broad variety of projects while offering a wealth of different perspectives on the company. In many cases, customers and partners contribute actively to this content, adding their suggestions and expertise in a way that opitomises MoovIT’s customer-driven business approach.

While welcoming the company’s business development, the five managing directors are also particularly proud that MoovIT’s success is shaped by and shared with the employees. Everyone can contribute their knowledge and personal interests, and this contributes to a highly productive family-like working environment. Perhaps that’s why MoovIT’s 40 employees are supported by their partners and children, they contribute directly or indirectly to the company’s spirit.

MoovIT’s dynamic growth, allied to continuous and close contact with customers for standardised products such as Helmut and TitleTool, often leads to challenges and demands which differ from the frequent requests for dedicated, customised software solutions. To ensure that the company remains focused on development, but also on marketing and sales, MoovIT will be launching MoovIT Software Products GmbH on 1 March 2022. Within this new organisation, located on MoovIT’s existing premises, eight employees will take care of all matters relating to standard software products, particularly the Helmut product portfolio. The new subsidiary’s managing director will be David Merzenich, who will also be a shareholder alongside the five MoovIT founders. MoovIT GmbH will continue to focus on further expanding the company’s customised software development capabilities, and will handle all day-to-day system-related business, technical planning, event execution and support-related tasks.

During this special anniversary year, there are plans to meet in person again. They include employee and customer events, a roadshow and a presence at various trade shows and congresses. There is certainly plenty to keep both partners occupied in this new tandem structure – not to mention all those who are eager to play their part in MoovIT’s continued development.