The brands will be partnering with Grammy-winner Leon Bridges, Wrangler’s 2022 global mens ambassador, to launch a collection that will blur the lines between fashion, entertainment and technology.

New York / London, Feb. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain WireLTD.INC (, a Web3 NFT marketplace for ultra-rare physical and digital collectibles, today announced its first fashion campaign, the “Mr. Wrangler” NFT collection in partnership with iconic denim brand, Wrangler® and Grammy award-winning recording artist Leon Bridges (Coming Home). In celebration of Wrangler’s 75th anniversary, LTD.INC will be launching 75 digital-only NFTs, crafted around a rare denim suit made exclusively for Leon Bridges. A second drop will feature the first-of-its-kind physical replica + digital NFT of the suit, to be unveiled at a private New York Fashion Week event in September.

“We are honored to partner with Wrangler and Leon Bridges to launch the “Mr. Wrangler” NFT Collection for the brand’s 75th Anniversary. The collection represents a first of its kind NFT class that crosses the physical, digital and virtual worlds,” said Daryl Kelly, CEO of LTD.INC. “Over the last year, we have been forging partnerships with well-established artists, brands and creators to help them step into space and craft thoughtful NFT collections that bridge the gap between the physical and virtual economies, allowing them to connect with their audiences in new and exciting ways.”

The “Mr. Wrangler” NFT is a first-of-its-kind drop that truly merges the physical, digital and virtual worlds and will be launched in two parts on the LTD.INC Web3 platform. Starting with the first drop that will go live on February 22nd, the “Icon” tier consists of 75 digitally animated NFTs of a signature dance move choreographed by Bridges. In addition to owning the art, each “Icon” NFT gives collectors access to digital communities, a virtual Metaverse wearable and one VIP pass to a by-invitation-only, private performance by Leon Bridges at New York Fashion Week in September 2022.

The “Legendary” tier, which will be unveiled at the private event in September, consists of a 1-of-1 exact replica of Wrangler’s custom denim jacket and jeans outfit created for Leon Bridges which only he holds in his private collection. The winning bidder will receive the unique outfit in real life delivered in a retro-futuristic suitcase, with content exclusively created by Bridges embedded in the garment, in addition to being airdropped a ultra rare Decentraland Wearable of the physical denim suit. The accompanying 1-of-1 digital NFT, which represents ownership of the garment on the blockchain, along with the curated content created by Bridges, is retrieved using LTD.INC’s proprietary NFC scanning app and technology.

“This journey began when Leon Bridges reached out for a custom heritage denim suit from Wrangler,” said Sean Gormley, Global Creative Concept Director at Wrangler. “Exciting innovation is happening at the intersection where the physical meets the digital and where craftmanship meets technology. Wrangler rides into a digital renaissance with an authentic expression about the past and the future.

“Fashion, technology and music influence us all, and I love the way Wrangler is interconnecting all three on this wild ride,” said Bridges. “Through Wrangler, I channel my Texas roots and the essence of who I am, so I’m honored to help the brand celebrate its history while continuing to write the future.”

LTD.INC is collaborating with Offsetra, an organization who supports businesses in achieving their net zero ambitions, to ensure the “Mr. Wrangler” collection is a completely carbon-negative project.

The LTD.INC platform features curated collections of art, fashion and other memorabilia from well-known blue-chip brands, artists and creators. Using the LTD.INC mobile app, collectors will be able to scan the product in order to prove authenticity, verify the edition number and access exclusive content, product information, experiences and perks only accessible to NFT owners. Through a series of notable drops, LTD.INC is introducing a new wave of collecting that allows collectors to “Invest In Culture™”, having verifiable ownership of highly sought-after digital collectibles linked to real-world products and experiences. 

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LTD.INC is a highly curated platform that partners with iconic artists, creators and brands to launch ultra-rare physical + digital NFT collections and experiences via the Ethereum blockchain and NFT technology. Established in London in 2020, LTD.INC’s drops are designed to exist in real life, on the blockchain and in the metaverse bridging the gap between the physical and virtual economies across the worlds of art, design, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, music and sport. LTD.INC’s mobile app and scanning technology allows its collectors instant authentication and access to exclusive content and experiences and enables creators to manage and monetize distribution of their IP through the secondary market. For more information, please visit Invest In Culture.

About Wrangler: 

Wrangler®, of Kontoor Brands (NYSE: KTB), has been an icon in authentic American style for more than 70 years. With a rich legacy rooted in the Western lifestyle, Wrangler is committed to offering superior quality and timeless design. Its collections for men, women, and children look and feel great, inspiring all those who wear them to be strong and ready for everyday life. Wrangler is available in retail stores worldwide, including flagship stores in Denver and Dallas, department stores, mass-market retailers, specialty shops, top western outfitters, and online. For more information, visit

About Leon Bridges: 

Raised in Fort Worth, Texas, soul singer, songwriter and record producer Leon Bridges played countless open mics before he was signed by Columbia Records. Three albums, several national tours and a Grammy later, he continues to cite his personal style, including his love for vintage denim and his custom Wrangler suit, as a way to connect with people around him.

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