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Blockchain game studio to launch NFTs for debut title Inferno

San Juan, Puerto Rico, Feb. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) Clarity Games is a blockchain game studio seeking to deliver a new era of blockchain gaming through fresh and innovative mechanics, world-class storytelling, and AAA talent. Clarity recently announced that its first project will be an adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, with the working title Inferno.

Clarity was formed in 2021 as a joint venture between Founder & CEO Dante Venafro, blockchain-focused fund Alpha Sigma Capital and crypto holding company Coin Operated Group. As a Partner at Alpha Sigma Capital, Dante helps lead its venture strategy where he sourced gaming deals such as Splinterlands, Gala Games, and Altered State Machine.

Growing up as a gamer with Alighieri as his namesake, Venafro dreamt of providing this generation of gamers with the ability to experience the timeless story and universe of Inferno in a blockchain-enabled world. Venafro believes “the public domain nature of the literature mirrors the open source nature of blockchain technology, creating truly unique opportunities for Inferno down the road.” His belief in the possibility of bringing a new vision, fresh game mechanics, crypto-native economics, and carbon-neutral NFTs to the unfinished story of the Divine Comedy inspired him to bring together a team to make it happen. Venafro had been discussing the possibility of building a studio and technology infrastructure for blockchain gaming with Enzo Villani, Chairman of Alpha Sigma Capital, which led to a series of discussions with Ken Cron, Chairman & CEO of Coin Operated Group. 

Cron has a long history in the gaming industry, having served as Chairman & CEO of Uproar (sold to Vivendi Universal in 2001), Chairman & CEO of Vivendi Universal Games, and Chairman of Midway Games. As CEO of Vivendi Universal Games, Cron was among the first to see the industry-changing potential for MMORPGs as he spearheaded the funding of Vivendi-owned Blizzard Entertainment to develop global blockbuster World of Warcraft. Coin Operated Group is an active investor in the blockchain gaming space, and Cron serves as a trusted advisor to companies including Animoca Brands and GuildFi. “Web3 is revolutionizing gaming and empowering gamers in ways that nobody imagined a few years ago. What attracted me to Clarity is Dante’s energy and commitment to building a passionate community and creating fantastic gaming experiences around this classic IP,” said Cron. 

Clarity has been tirelessly recruiting talent and leading initial development efforts for the Inferno NFT drop and the game. When looking through the portfolios of leading game artists, Venafro came across Emanuel Palalic. As a senior character artist for id Software, Wizards of the Coast, and Lead Character Artist at Tripwire, Emanuel learned how to manage AAA art pipelines and had plenty of practice modeling demons for Doom, the classic FPS. In the most recent chapter, Doom Eternal, gamers battled the demonic forces of Hell – now Clarity’s artists are imagining a new Hell inspired by the 9 levels of Dante’s Inferno. Emanuel has also done work with Fvckrender, a popular NFT artist, and Charles Smith, the creator of the highly-anticipated gameverse Nifty Island. With Clarity as its first client, Emanuel established an art co-dev studio, Empty Vessel, which brought on Alex Palma, Ean Vasquez, and Nikolay Tsys, as well as Efgeni Bischoff of Dark Tree Games, to bring the vision of Inferno to life. This all begins with the launch of Inferno’s first NFT Collection, the Inferno Founders Keys and class-based armor sets. 

Clarity has also recruited Joshua Rubin, the scriptwriter behind the never-released Dante’s Inferno II, to join Clarity as Narrative Advisor. Rubin brought on his collaborator, India Weston, who joined as Lead Narrative Designer, and who is responsible for weaving the lore of Dante’s Inferno into the gameplay.

Clarity’s first NFT Collection, the Inferno Founders Keys, will enable collectors to claim a Helm, Shoulders, Chestplate, Gauntlets, and Legs, which are combined to complete their class armor set. Each complete set will unlock access to Inferno’s crafting-based game economy that will provide opportunities to earn items, tokens and additional bonuses preparing holders for battle when gameplay launches. In its final form, Inferno is not a pay-to-play nor a pay-to-win game, but rather the Inferno Founders Key is a tool designed to reward early adopters and loyal community members with premier access to the Infernoverse through every stage of development. These collecting and crafting metagames will culminate into a prototype arena where players can battle with the items and skills they have prepared since the mint.  

The blockchain gaming space is heating up and Clarity’s Inferno launch marks a vote of confidence in the future of crypto native games. Clarity will announce updates on the Infernoverse through their official Twitter ( ) and Discord ( ) channels. 

About Clarity Games

Clarity Games is the blockchain game studio behind Inferno, which is an adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Clarity was founded in 2021 as a joint venture between Founder & CEO Dante Venafro, blockchain-focused fund Alpha Sigma Capital (ASC), and crypto holding company Coin Operated Group. 

About Coin Operated Group

Coin Operated Group is a holding company that acquires, incubates and builds platforms across the spectrum of crypto and blockchain. With a focus on Games, NFTs, DeFi and DAOs, Coin Operated Group partners with outstanding entrepreneurs and provides them with access to resources and support to scale their businesses.

About Alpha Sigma Capital

Active Investing in the Blockchain Economy.™

Alpha Sigma Capital is a pioneering digital asset fund founded by Enzo Villani, focused on the blockchain economy and the shift to a decentralized Web3 infrastructure. Since January 2020, the Fund’s investment strategy and approach has resulted in 11 unicorns in under 19 months. The Fund is also the lead investor and sponsor group for Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: BMAQU), a $115M SPAC focused on merging with a blockchain company. The Fund invests in companies and decentralized projects that are leveraging blockchain technology to provide demonstrable change and efficiency in financial services, artificial intelligence, supply chain, and biotechnologies. The Fund’s research team is well known for its in-depth research and distinct analysis on growing blockchain companies.

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