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Photo Source: deckofscarlet

Created to break the boredom and shake clean beauty up, Deck of Scarlet prides itself on creating bad-ass formulas with good-for-you ingredients. With a mission to be the change they want to see in clean beauty by fusing vivid color, innovative textures, and unprecedented finishes with clean, vegan, cruelty-free formulas, the brand is merging the worlds of art and beauty with their newest collaboration. On January 10, Deck of Scarlet will release limited-edition packaging of their best-selling Threeway Solid Lip Oil in Goldcrown, a “your lips but better” sheer peach shade, created with Artist James Goldcrown.

“At Deck of Scarlet, we believe in breaking rules and pushing boundaries with first to market innovations that are fun, high-performance, and 100% clean,” explained CEO and Co-Founder of Deck of Scarlet, Mariya Nurislamova. “With every new innovation, we’re really targeting the maximalist makeup lover who likes to be bold and creative with their makeup. When you play with a lot of colors, there’s naturally a connection to art, which is why we loved the idea of collaborating with someone as creative and forward-thinking as James. We’re thrilled about this new direction for Deck of Scarlet and hope to reach an even broader audience of maximalist beauty lovers.”

James Goldcrown is a self-taught artist/photographer based in Los Angeles. His many projects led to his first show at Miami Basel, where his work sold out in 2 hours. Now internationally renowned for his Bleeding Hearts/Lovewall murals, James has put his signature design on Deck of Scarlet’s Threeway Solid Lip Oil.

Deck of Scarlet x James Goldcrown Threeway Solid Lip Oil in Goldcrown

Of the partnership, James said, “I use a lot of color in my paintings and murals, and the colors you use in the painting convey a mood or make someone feel a certain way. Partnering with Deck of Scarlet was perfect in terms of brand alignment as our messaging is very similar and makeup is just like painting when it comes to colors and the statement you want to make.”

Both Deck of Scarlet and James Goldcrown are excited about this product collaboration and encourage makeup maximalists everywhere to express themselves and be their own makeup artist when creating their signature Scarlet look. Deck of Scarlet x James Goldcrown in Goldcrown will retail for $28 and be available at

Photo Source: jgoldcrown

“Our mission is to be the change we want to see in clean beauty. We believe in breaking rules & pushing boundaries with first-to-market innovations to create 100% clean, vegan, and hyper performance formulas that defy categorization. Deck of Scarlet represents makeup maximalism! We seek to inspire courage and passion so our consumers can look and feel unapologetically bold, loud, and daring. At Deck of Scarlet, simply good for you is not good enough. You deserve to have it all. With us, it’s more than just makeup — it’s a creative revolution.”

SOURCE: Deck of Scarlet