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DishQuo Meal Planning app will reward you for staying healthy in 2022

The DishQuo meal planning app uses insulin science and technology to empower people to change the way they eat food for good, defying their own expectations and transforming their health. The newly released “Healthy Habits Rewards Program” incentivizes users to log meals, record measurements and meet milestones and streaks for meals completed. Members cash in earned points for e-gift cards to over 30 brands like Adidas, Nordstroms and Athleta.

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing, many people start new exercise plans to lose weight and improve health. DishQuo knows you can’t out-exercise poor eating habits. Exercise alone has health benefits like muscle growth and increased energy. However, only working out will not help you reach your weight loss goals and optimal health.

DishQuo will help transform how you eat for good in 2022. No counting, more variety, and delicious recipes. The average gym-goer does 3-5 workouts a week. The same person eats 3 meals a day. That’s 16-18 more opportunities a week for meals to support your fitness goals. And with DishQuo, more opportunities to be rewarded for healthy choices.

DishQuo supports your pace with a personalized meal plan. Start small and gain momentum over time. Or jump all in with a completely curated full weekly plan. As you see results and gain rewards, adjust your goals and keep moving forward. DishQuo rewards you for building the healthy lifestyle you desire at your pace.


Changing the way you eat can be overwhelming and a lot of work. DishQuo makes it easy and rewards you for your effort. Our meal planning app fits your needs for your life. Adjust settings to include taste preferences like gluten-free or vegan and culinary preferences, like Mexican and Asian dishes. DishQuo generates a weekly grocery list, syncs with your grocery delivery service, bringing everything to your doorstep.

New users can try DishQuo free for two weeks. The app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.