Are You a FRONDEUR Snowrunner ?

In general, We as humans are doing things to make our ourSelves better, or to show others that we can!

This applies to every trendy thing Today. We see on the internet so many runners, fitness gurus, nutrition experts, influencers like our World is full of intelligent and nice people. I guess this is the #challenge of the New Era, which will come, soon. Mostly, I agree with these, it is just maybe not your purpose, or you are not doing it for yourSelf, but for others, for social media photos to be appreciated everywhere!

The other aspect is “doing too much of everything”, which is the opposite of “doing nothing”. We know the past trends like workaholic etc., so we can add anything, any new concept to this fake World. So, if you can run you are a runner, if you eat about 50% plant-based food, you are a plant-based guru, or maybe flexitarian, if you are drinking, smoking, and working like today’s young people, you are generation Z, etc. But who are those behind the scenes of trends? Of course, the system, because everything is about business, somehow. Just think of today’s trendy amateurs, so-called athletes, ultra marathoners, triathlons, and so on. They are shaping the business in the sports, and they give money to take part of all these to conquer. Those challenges are the Money in everything.

However, that’s the World and it is better than doing nothing, right? The problem is not here, the problem is in the fakeness. You may put anything on social media, right? It’s a showcase.

So, I find out that my running sessions are better in matters of time and fitness in Winter, especially in the snow. So, this means I am a badass snowrunner, right? Or just a showrunner. Of course, this concept is not trendy, yet, but will be. As the World is more divided, the trends will be divided, too. I am not saying, that people do not like running, or sports, it is just, they like more, to BE SOMEONE, this is the case, and yes everybody can do it. (however, mostly the runners hate running – this is true)


Sports and fitness are for sicker people, lazy people, and for people who would like to maintain their health, but the problem is people are still smoking, eating shitty food, and drinking hard drinks, alcohol, doing doping, etc.  This is how they are “training” for their next level to get a medal in their neck, of course immediately it is on social media. In this case, you get an ultra “BRAVO” from the followers. (hearts, hugs, applauds, congratulations, and lots of EGO feeders)

If you are just enjoying life, you don’t need a medal, to be healthy, to run, to get fitter, and to have the right nutrition. Of course, lots of people, including me, have learned like a half lifetime, what is good for our bodies, but what is good for me, for example, is not the same case to others. Snowrunning is my best capacity in the running World because I have the best pace, which, I am not sure why is important Nowadays, but it is a must, if you wear a “Garmin” watch, you just need to see it every time if you are doing like the “experts”, who are telling you, what you should do. Those programs, apps, etc. are made to make money, don’t you think? Probably, most of you will say that this is our World, so we must take it like it is. Did you know, that the half of population is starving, and every minute a child is dying because of starvation? Of course, they “donate” lots and lots, but we cannot see that the world is better. Snowrunners are those who like running in the snow, or when it is snowing, right? Maybe, in the next years, we will have a Snowrunning Championship if the induced or not induced climate change will not change our weather too much. Or, we can go to Russia, (those who hate Austria), those who hate Russia can go to the US areas, just to run in the snow. Or, we just run in artificial snow. You can do it!


Now, when the pandemic is not getting to an end, we can go and travel more and more, to show the world that “WE CAN”.

It is good that fitness, nutrition, and everything are very trendy, and make people being “in shape”, but do you see a healthier generation? I don’t, so this means something is not right here.

My next article will be about nutrition, and how nutrition experts affect your health, more debated. This can change your life if you sell it right. I mean the concept.

Question: “if you don’t believe me, why would you believe others?”

Answer: “Because they haven’t got a long-term fit and healthy lifestyle, they are just influencers, which is good in terms of “helping you”, to be in shape, but do you want this for yourself, or because it is trendy and they make money, you just have to buy all those things, to feel in trend with them”




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