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Hoame’s new VR app, available on MetaQuest, gives subscribers access to a real boutique studio experience and on-demand meditation classes from a variety of teachers and modalities. (CNW Group/Hoame Studio)

Toronto-based HoameNorth America’s largest modern meditation studio, is giving consumers a taste of what self-care in the metaverse could be with an immersive virtual meditation studio for Meta Quest. The newly-launched subscription-based VR meditation app brings Hoame’s unique in-studio experience to users around the world offering access to daily studio classes and on-demand meditations in beautiful virtual spaces guided by a diverse roster of expert instructors and 15+ class styles.

“A sense of place and immersion is central to the Hoame experience, it’s what makes the studio an important part of our clients’ mindfulness practices,” says mental health clinician and Hoame co-founder, Carolyn Plater MSW, RSW who created the business alongside fellow mental health clinician Stephanie Kersta MSc, RP and Benjamin Plater. “Hoame for Meta Quest captures that essence but also expands on it, allowing users to meditate around the world in the most breathtaking environments with expertly curated music, while exploring various meditation modalities including breathwork, sleep, soundbaths, yoga nidra and more.”

The app is launching at a time when extended lockdowns, closures, and fears around indoor classes, alongside increased isolation has many individuals feeling stressed and struggling with their mental health. Virtual reality allows Hoame to bring the elevated, impactful classes taught in the Toronto studio to subscribers around the world without the risk of lockdowns impacting their practice.

Similar to Hoame’s Toronto-based studio, Hoame for Meta Quest makes community and connection an important part of its mission, allowing users to feel connected with others during the class. The virtual environment allows Hoame subscribers to access a suite of mental health tools.

“We’ve taken everything that we have learned from our physical studio, everything that our community loves and keeps them coming back: beautiful space, sense of community, tons of variety, and expert guidance, and incorporated proven mental health tools: mood survey, progress tracker, social co-presence with other users in-class, and combined it with the totally immersive platform that is VR,” says Hoame co-founder and co-CEO, Benjamin Plater. “It’s not only an escape, but one that will boost your mental and physical health.”

Membership Includes:

  • Daily in-studio classes
  • Growing library of on demand experiences
  • Breathwork practice
  • Monthly events & workshops
  • Expert instructors
  • Real studio community
  • Progress tracker
  • Mood surveys
  • Sit-set customizer
  • 7-day free trial

Start Your Hoame Membership Today
Hoame will be available in the Quest Store on January 6, 2022. Sign up for a 7-day free trial and multiple subscription offers – 1 Month Pass ($9.99 USD), 6 Month Pass ($52.99 USD), and 1 Year Pass ($81.99 USD). For details visit

SOURCE: Hoame Studio