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Do you consider yourself a victim of obesity? Are you already stuck with excess body fat or calories due to a lack of unhealthy imbalances in your diet? Do you desire a more healthy physique and body structure? Then consider using the Spatz3 Gastric Balloon.

Moreover, Spatz as a weight loss procedure seems unknown to most people. Although Spatz3 is not entirely new, the procedure is not suitable for everyone.

What is Spatz3? 

The Spatz3 is a gastric balloon that stands out as the only adjustable gastric balloon on the market. This unique feature allows the volume of the balloon to be increased or decreased to suit the patient’s needs. When inserted into the body, it occupies one third of the volume of the stomach walls, which makes the patient feel less hungry, thus reducing the amount or food intake on a daily basis.

Special Features of the Spatz3 Gastric Balloon

According to the inventor, Dr. Jeffrey Brooks, the adjustability feature of the balloon is primarily to:

  • Prevent early extraction of the balloon required by some intolerant patients. Hence, it can be adjusted anytime to provide adequate comfort until its due for removal.
  • Also, by improving the size of the balloon after the 4th month of implantation, it tends to gain another measure of weight loss from the patient. 

These two distinctive features have made the Spatz3 Gastric Balloon outstanding among other non-surgical therapies used in achieving weight loss from obese patients.

Mode of Implantation

The Spatz3 gastric balloon is usually inserted into the stomach walls through the mouth requiring no surgery. It is best done in the hospital, during the process the patient will be made to sleep and the deflated balloon will be placed into the stomach via a tube through your mouth. It is also removed through the reverse process at the end of 12 months.

Achievable Weight Loss 

The Spatz3 Gastric Balloon has a standard implantation period of 1 year for effective weight loss although it can be changed after the first six months. Furthermore, the average weight losses in 1 year are:

  • After 6 months – 16 kg
  • After 12 months – 25 kg

At the end of 1 year, other measures can be deployed to achieve the best level of results if needs be.

Who Should Use the Spatz3 Gastric Balloon?

As much as using a Spatz3 gastric balloon to lose weight is ideal, you can’t opt for it on your own. Not to mention, your physician is in a better position to know whether a gastric balloon will be suitable for you. However, below are patients who can use the Spatz3 gastric balloon procedure to lose weight:

  1. Patients with a Body Mass Index of 27 and above have found it difficult to reduce their weight over some time now.
  2. Patients planned to undertake heart or orthopedic surgery that requires weight loss to increase chances of survival.

Advantages of using Spatz3 Gastric Balloon 

Considering the numerous advantages of using Spatz3 gastric balloons to lose weight, in a jiffy let’s highlight a few.

  1. It can be adjusted to ease off stress during implantation for efficacy.
  2. It has been test-proven to achieve desired results of weight loss by over 80% of patients.
  3. Helps to place you on the correct diet to maintain healthy living. Also helps to reduce your portion sizes.
  4. Cheaper and affordable compared to conventional surgery for weight loss
  5. Fewer side effects 


The thought of being marginalized due to abnormal body size could be frustrating on several occasions. A good physique is an advantage for better social and work life. You can bring your body shape to normalcy by applying this non-surgical therapy to achieve better-desired results. Finally, for long term weight maintenance use the Spatz3 gastric. However, find out if Spatz3 gastric balloon is suitable for you before you proceed.