Ayurveda weekend in January

“You are an amazing person with unique talents. Have faith in your abilities.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita

Everywhere I see New Year quotes, and how far people go to change something, just because it is another month of the year. The truth is, we don’t even notice if something is wrong in our lives, mentally or physically. I never was the 180-degree change fan from a day to another, because it is not for everybody. Of course, it is good, but it’s not long-term, the n people will give up, soon.

I would advise people to try everything in little steps. Try a weekend when you change your diet, life, or try it for 1 month, but with little steps, do not do any extremes.

My first choice would be a let’s call wellness weekend at home when I would make nice food, and pamper my body and soul.

I would even get to a vegan ayurvedic detox weekend.

Let’s see what are the basics of Ayurveda, then we can transform it to 100% vegan in terms of diet, then add some massage techniques to have a more relaxed weekend.

The essence of everything is to make us a more relaxed, relaxed soul, mind, and skin. We had a hard year and we need to start this one in a more relaxed mood.


  • Try to find out how to balance 3 doshas in your diet :
  • Vata: space and air
  • Pitta: fire and water
  • Kapha: earth and water
  • Try to do ayurvedic oil massage
  • whole-body massage
  • leg massage
  • dry refreshment massage

What to eat to balance the doshas:

– start in the morning with a cup of warm water and add fresh lime or lemon juice to it

– best food for January: turnip, cabbage, fresh pineapple, ginger, sesame, walnuts, olive oil, carrots, potatoes, rice, spinach, nutmeg, red pepper, cucumber, chicory.

You can make nice recipes from those basic ingredients. The Vata should use cayenne, the Kapha should replace pineapple with apple. Otherwise, you can make everything from ragouts to wraps, salads, pancakes, juices, and smoothies.

As a vegan, I would avoid the use of ghee.

A dry refreshment massage should be done in the morning, which will boost the immune and vascular system.

Day and night massage should be done with sesame oil, but you can use oil and coconut or almond oil, too. We have lots of reflex points on our legs and feet, so we can add some oil and massage gently in this area, with smooth movement in circles.  After that, just take a warm shower or bath.


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