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Koji, the world’s most powerful link-in bio platform and leading social media app store, today announced the launch of Dare U, a new link-in bio app that allows Creators to challenge their followers to complete fun internet challenges to enter a drawing of the Creator’s choice.

Dare U on the Koji App Store

Dare U gives authors the opportunity to challenge their audience, to complete a challenge. A completed challenge is then an entry into sweepstakes hosted by the creator. To enter the sweepstakes, followers simply upload a video of themselves completing the challenge. At the end of the sweepstakes period, the creator has the option to select a winner at random or based on the quality of the submission.

Dare U is a creative mashup of some of the most powerful engagement tools we’ve seen in the creator economy: challenges and giveaways. Creators will be able to leverage this new tool in many ways by sourcing content from their supporters’ submissions, challenging their fans to engage with their other social media accounts and content, or just having fun with their audience. This app will increase not only the engagement a creator can generate across all of their social media accounts, but also the relationships they have with their followers,” said Dmitry Shapiro, Koji CEO.

The new app is free to use and available today on the Koji App Store.