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BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Commutifi, the leading data-driven commuting platform, announced today a free suite of tools for Transportation Management Associations (TMAs) and Transportation Management Organizations (TMOs).

“TMAs and TMOs are critical to achieving the sustainable transportation future we’re working toward at Commutifi,” said Andy Keeton, Commutifi’s Head of Insights. “But in speaking with many of them, it became clear that most mobility technology providers are ignoring these important organizations. That seemed like a huge oversight.”

TMAs and TMOs using the new Commutifi for TMAs/TMOs product will be able to offer a complete, data-driven commuting platform to commuters in their regions at no cost. The platform includes dedicated portals for each registered commuter, through which they can:

  • Access transportation resources provided by the TMA and region
  • Understand the impacts of their commute
  • Find alternative routes

By aggregating anonymous regional data, Commutifi’s data portal will unlock insights for TMAs, too, including:

  • Heatmaps to visualize how and where commuters in their region travel
  • Data exports that will offer insights into trends, impacts, and more

Additionally, TMAs will be able to:

  • Embed Commutifi’s Commute Calculator on their websites, which allows commuters an easy way to measure the impact of a trip without making an account
  • Access a TMA Directory through which they can connect with peer organizations and collaborate to solve common challenges

“We can’t wait to take advantage of Commutifi for TMAs/TMOs,” said Bronwen Keiner, Director of Go Glendale and Burbank TMO, two TMAs/TMOs in Southern California. “We’ll be able to equip everyone in our region—from SMEs to major corporations to local residents—with insights that will improve their commuting approaches. And on our end, we’ll have access to data that will help us better understand how to serve our region.”

Commutifi for TMAs/TMOs is the first technology of its kind to be designed explicitly for transportation non-profits. “There are a lot of innovative transportation technologies on the market,” said Kaite Justice, Director of City Go, the local TMA in Boise, ID. “Unfortunately, TMAs can rarely take advantage of these platforms because either the cost is untenable or because it does not meet to unique regional and individual business needs of a TMA. Getting this platform for free would enable us to do even more for our business members and commuters in Boise.”

The Commutifi for TMAs/TMOs platform is only the beginning of the company’s plans to partner with TMAs across the country. “A multi-modal future is possible,” explained Keeton, “but it won’t happen unless we all work together. More than anyone, that includes TMAs.”

To learn more about Commutifi for TMAs, as well as how member employers can augment the free offering with their own programs, visit

About Commutifi

Commutifi is the world’s most trusted data-powered commuter platform for businesses, commercial real estate, TMAs, and individuals. Their patented Commuter Score provides a standardized methodology to compare commutes and identify the best option for each individual according to time, cost, and carbon. Through the complex information they collect about each commuter, transportation managers can easily plan, measure, monitor, manage, report, and predict commuter behavior. Commutifi customers include the City of Boulder, CDPHE, and Fortune 500 Companies.

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