Wondrium, the leading streaming provider of dynamic learning content, announced today that it will produce an educational series and accompanying documentary inspired by Bill Gates’ best-selling book How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. Wondrium will produce the titles and distribute them to its members worldwide in 2022.

This 10-part educational series will focus on the innovators who are tackling the global problem and paving the way for a more sustainable and hopeful future. It will include insights and commentary from Gates on his own work on climate change, as well as real-world examples of breakthroughs that are critical to preventing and mitigating the effects of climate change.

In addition, an accompanying documentary will provide an inspiring look at how innovation and technology are transforming the future and reinvigorating hope for it. The spotlight will be on five scientists and thought leaders from around the world who are at the forefront of net-zero and carbon-neutral emissions research, and whose breakthroughs represent a lifelong commitment to solving the world’s carbon problem.

Gates has been studying and working on climate change solutions and energy innovations for the past 15 years. These include efforts to mitigate climate change through his organization Breakthrough Energy and adaptation efforts through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He is also a self-described “lifelong learner,” having taken dozens of courses over the years developed by Wondrium’s parent company, The Teaching Company.

“The story of solving climate change is about taking on new challenges and studying them, and as a company that was built around lifelong learning, partnering with Bill Gates on his inspirational book is a natural fit,” stated Paul Suijk, President & CEO of Wondrium. “We are pleased to help celebrate and share the many ways people are using technology to help transform—and fix—the world around us.”

“Getting to net-zero by 2050 will be the hardest thing people have ever done, but I believe it’s possible,” added Gates. “Two of the most important tools we have as we try to solve climate change are education and innovation.  I hope these projects from Wondrium inspire people to think about the roles they can play in the fight against climate change.”

The deal comes at a time when Wondrium continues to expand its presence in nonfiction and diversify its educational experience offerings. Earlier this year, the company rebranded from The Great Courses Plus to Wondrium and introduced new formats that cover a broader range of topics and experiences. Recently, the company announced the acquisition of Kerry David’s award-winning documentary Breaking Their Silence and the production of Jonathan Adler’s 12-part educational series on interior design.