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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 20, 2021) – Newyork-Bionic World, a new generation of NFT+GameFi games, will be launched soon! Frontier engine brings high-quality gaming animation and experience. 998 system creates an exclusive role for players. In addition, dynamic weather system highly restores the fun games in reality! What’s more, this high-value economic system model will also attract the attention and expectation of heavy players!

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Born with silver spoon and Ethereum EVM compatibility, BSC (Binance Smart Chain) is leading gamefi sector by ensuring its competitive edge in cost cut and performance. While NFT based blockchain games are gaining popularity, a mature full-fledged NFT game on BSC has yet to come.

After inquiring and counseling a series of gamefi insiders and committed participants of why it is the case, things turn out to me that the industry is barely exceeding a baby boom phase. Whereas gamefi (game + decentralized finance) enthusiasts are either in favor of any definanced chain game (shorthanded defi) or just don’t bother what the game to fi(nance) ratio is as long as they are making big easy money in playing, not to mention organic combination of the duality.

The Full-fledged NFT Game

Good news is at least NFT games are throwing themselves into the decentralized sphere jammed with rampant crypto miniacs. And seriously this time, the headwinds are coming at their faces. A bunch of highly talented and experienced traditional game studios guys are storming the self-assumed decentra-clique with an all-in NFT, all-on public chain design that persuaded super early individual investors and angel funds which in current stages are secured from media exposure.

Game engines, algorithms, tools, items, consumables, earnings, owning, all will step by step be released to players’ hold by design. The mainstay is fledged by gaming mechanism and a DAO governance trust structure with support of two BEP20 tokens – BIO being the ecology-sustaining token, and BW the in-game nascent one with later governance function. The two tokens are interlinked and trading pairs of them are to be listed.

The Game-changing BEP998 CNFTs

Word has it that in building its exclusive meta farm, Bionic World is implementing the (left-unattended?) BEP 998 protocol. So, what’s BEP998 game token about in Bionic World? Simply put, bundled NFT sets with deterministic relations of ownership, i.e., to own all subordinate tokens (NFTs and FTs) all through a single token ownership. Thereby flexible transfer of any subordinated part and parcel cannot be simpler and easier. From the player’s perspective, this is management of game assets made simpler, costs go down and value of the asset multiplies. The BEP998 standard built the foundation of incoming chain games. Let this be a rare case that it is the standard that is leading the trend other than application dominates token usage.

Bionic World is becoming the first ever game to build in BEP998 composable tokens (CNFT) to all its players. This breakthrough allows players to not just purchase and own farm utilities but to get to assemble their own unique Avatars as in-game digital identity and grow joint farming entities/farm consortia. Not just that, we’ve been informed that Bionic World is working against time to make the promised total involvement Holiverse (metaverse interconnected) workable. More instances of different genres of game like battling and racing world are to be created on basis of CNFTs. The original avatars on metafarm could transport to and from without limit in warp speed. All combined, Bionic World makes for a so-called Cool Play virtual space.

How is the Extravagant Avatar System?

Bionic World seems to be obsessed with unfathomable depth and nether-worldly variety. A deep dive into an immersive metaverse calls for high level of density and complexity of the game’s visual states and the corresponding stats. A system of composable surface components and multi-layered sub-surface structure has been developed to couple with the extricate BEP998 standard. In so doing, the Bionic World pushed NFT usability to its limit and thus opened up a brand-new time space of on chain gaming never seen before. To note, Bionic World employed some 2000 digital artists to put up a 52 parts per avatar system. This artistic endeavor will end up with myriad of unique avatar CNFTs, which is simply beyond my words.

We are told that as CNFT token interface lays the ground, a high speed and intricate engine with a mesh of functioning algorithms supporting the colossal gaming-verse becomes indispensable. This is what shies away most crypto game daredevils before Bionic World came just in sight. How is it difficult? Refer to what Holiverse is, a compound of holistic and metaverse. Verification and implementation of Holiverse are deeply debted to a mathematical conundrum called Sphere Eversion which could only be technical candies for hardcore geeks. For something created larger than life, there’s definitely nuances getting to the bottom of philosophy and differential topology, I bet.

Access to the Bionic World CNFT Token

Gotta confess I’ve never seen a closer one. All looks cool, and sort of engaging… What does a Bionic World Holiverse mean to me and you the laser-eyed cryptoers? Chance has it that should all run smooth and well, the hundreds of thousands of the unique farmer avatar CNFTs (NFT of all NFTs to me) shall creep into bags/chests of the honored BIO token holders by way of BIO-BW DEX swapping and BW-NFT trading. Wanna take a part in the token sale to savor the extravagant avatar CNFTs? Do add the private and public sale dates to your watch list:

  • Dec. 12, 2021 marks the start of initial private BIO sale.
  • The private sale lasts until Jan. 23, 2022.
  • Feb. 15, 2022 marks the start of public sale of BIO on DEX.

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