Tallinn, Estonia–(Newsfile Corp. – November 10, 2021) – The exciting world of Polker is expected to be given a massive boost with its metaverse set to roll out in the coming months. Metaverse has become the trending concept in the tech scene and has attracted a host of tech giants.

Figure 1: Meta Polker Metaverse: A first-of-its kind in the blockchain gaming world

Facebook revealed the change of its name to Meta in October and plans to spend $10 billion in developing a metaverse, and Microsoft has also delved into this unique technology. However, Polker is a step ahead of these tech juggernauts and will be rolling out a gaming-focused metaverse world.

An immersive blockchain gaming experience

Polker aims to recreate an immersive gaming experience that combines the best of virtual reality and blockchain technology. Several gaming platforms have looked to deploy this experience without negligible success. Polker has deployed the Unreal 3D Engine 4, a powerful gaming architecture that provides realistic graphics and maximizes virtual reality.

Users will be able to access a gaming metaverse to edit their environment and create their own world. There’s the freedom to create custom avatars or choose from existing avatars within the Metaverse. This brings a personalized experience for users, and they can interact with others in a PvP setting.

Blockchain has a lot of potentials, and Polker displays this with the integration of NFT rewards within its Metaverse. NFTs are digital assets that can be used to store value and can be used to represent real-life items. NFTs issued in Polker’s Metaverse will have different attributes that allow holders to access new game launches, special tournaments and more.

Polker is hard at work with the Metaverse, and the rollout of the VR experience will go live by Q2 2022 and Oculus owners should be prepared. Polker metaverse will also have a luxurious gaming room called the “Billionaire’s Game Room.” This premium gaming room will enable players to take up top world personalities like Trump, Kim, Jack and Elon.

Polker’s Billionaire’s Game Room is shrouded in secrecy, and there are exciting features that will be unveiled in the future. Polker has already released the first two episodes of the Billionaire Polker Tournament.

Polker has already provided teasing glimpses of the Metaverse, and users will be amazed at what’s in store ahead of the launch of the play-to-earn game.

Polker is well positioned in the blockchain gaming sector

Polker is regarded as one of the fastest-growing blockchain gaming platforms and has experienced wide range of use of its native token PKR. PKR will be used within the game to buy NFTs, enabling users to access the play-to-earn model that Polker’s Metaverse is focused on.

PKR can also be staked with an APY of 36% on the Ethereum main net here. Staking of PKR will be available on Binance Smart Chain later in the year – so for those who don’t want to bridge to Ethereum, the opportunity is not missed.

Investors can purchase PKR at Uniswap on the Ethereum network and PancakeSwap within Binance Smart Chain. In addition, PKR has also been listed on the centralized crypto exchange BitMart with rumours of much larger exchanges to come very soon.

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