London, Oct. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Olvin, an AI start-up that provides predictive foot traffic analytics for brick-and mortar businesses today announces that it has joined Open Retail Initiative (‘ORI’) hosted by Intel.

With this partnership, Olvin joins a consortium of market leading retail solution providers, including Intel, Toshiba, VMWare, Verifone, and DeepVision AI to promote a common, open framework that enables a common deployment platform for retail’s digital transformation. 

Olvin’s award winning platform, Almanac, processes billions of geo, weather and demographic data points to create an actionable platform that allows retailers to accurate plan and forecast consumer demand. 

The platform covers over 5,068 brands across 402 categories in the US, dating back to 2018, enabling powerful filtering criteria for unique insight into venue visitation. With this, it’s forecasting tools enable retailers to extend those valuable foot traffic insights up to 90 days into he future. 

Leveraging this platform through the Open Retail Initiative allows clients to easily integrate high-value consumer foot traffic demand data in line with the ORI common standards, enabling a low friction way to more accurately connect the offline world to online studies of trends and patterns.

The ORI enables retailers to speed up the development of new solutions, power innovative use cases and enable higher value solutions that help to expand services and strengthen customer relationships. Olvin’s predictive foot traffic demand data can now be integrated into hundreds of market leading platforms, removing the time to test and simplify deployment. 

“We’re thrilled to be joining the Open Retail Initiative,” said Sam Amrani, Founder & CEO of Olvin. “At a time where retailers need to embrace technology to bounce back stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re confident that Olvin’s solutions will bring a meaningful contribution to this community of leading industry vendors.” “The ORI will enable retailers to accelerate their investment process into the next generation of innovative services.”

About The Open Retail Initiative (“ORI”)

The Open Retail Initiative (ORI) is a broad ecosystem of retailers, SIs, ISVs, OEMs/ODMs, and solution aggregators that are driving the future of retail. The goal of ORI is to enable open, accessible solutions that accelerate iteration, flexibility, and innovation at scale – from the edge to the cloud.

How Does ORI Drive Retail Innovation?

  • ORI promotes a common, open framework that enables an ecosystem of interchangeable components
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