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Meet Péter W. Szabó, our speaker on Day 1, expressing his thoughts on AI, how it can help people and our planet, and whether investing in artificial intelligence has business value.

Péter W. Szabó is a passionate user experience researcher, author of User Experience Mapping (Packt, 2017). His current research focuses on the use of machine learning to enhance user experience. He used to be the senior manager for UX/UI at The Stars Group, now a well-known conference speaker and UX consultant. He has helped many big brands and start-ups to get closer to their users, recently with the help of PyTorch-based supervised and unsupervised machine learning.

Tune in on the 8th of November  to hear him participate in an exchange of thoughts about  “AI FOR HUMANS AND THE PLANET (IS THERE ANY BUSINESS VALUE FROM AI)”

HIPTHER FESTIVAL XXI will span over 5 days between 8-12 November, and the sessions can be joined via ZOOM, YouTube, or in NEOS Metaverse in collaboration with ViARsys.

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