High-grade Fabric Expansion Joints from the pharmchem are non-metallic flue duct expansion joints that provide stress relief for tubing and conducting systems through thermal shock and growth absorption, mechanical vibration isolation, and misalignment.

Pharmchem high-grade fabric expansion joints are highly flexible and are made from a wide range of unique woven fabrics coated or laminated with selected elastomers or fluoropolymers. They are used to isolate, mechanical load avoidance, and abrasion protection. Furthermore, pharmchem fabric expansion joints benefit the pipework designer by absorbing movements in multiple directions at the same time. They also have almost no reactive forces and take up little space. Pharmchem fabric expansion joints are easy to customize to suit existing operating conditions and are easy to transport and install. In comparison to metallic expansion, pharmchem high-grade fabric expansion joint offer almost unlimited flexibility, giving the pipework designer more options.

Pharmchem High-grade Fabric Expansion Joints Application

Pharmchem fabric expansion joints absorb axial and lateral movement, oscillations, and vibrations in pipelines. Because of the high elasticity and technical properties of the Pharmchem fabric, it is possible to reduce temperature and pressure fluctuations by incorporating the fabric. Pharmchem fabric expansion joints have a wide range of applications. Gas and air pipelines, gas cleaning systems of technical systems, induced draft, and gas turbine systems are examples of typical applications for Pharmchem fabric expansion joints. Temperature and corrosion-resistant fabric allow the use of expansion joints for media such as air, flue gases, or dusty media.

Pharmchem Fabric Expansion Joints’ Structure

Pharmchem High-quality fabric expansion joints are constructed with layers of thermally insulating and gas-tight materials. The material chosen is primarily determined by the location and operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, and medium. Heat-insulating layers are used in flow media to reduce temperature. The temperature drops as a result of the high-quality heat-insulating fabric made from E-glass or ceramic fibers.

Another important feature of pharmchem fabric expansion is gas tightness, which is achieved by using special abrasion-resistant coatings on carrier layers. Pharmchem fabric expansion joints for non-aggressive media are made of fabric coated with silicone, Hypalon, or NBR. Fabric with a PTFE coating is used for flue gases and chemically aggressive media. All materials used in the production of fabric expansion joints are fire-resistant and refractory, ensuring safety and gas-tightness during use.

Benefits of using Pharmchem High-grade Fabric Expansion Joints

Low-cost materials: High alloy metals may not be necessary to achieve the corrosion resistance required by the application. The wide range of elastomers and plastics available will enable the most precise and cost-effective material to be chosen.

Shipping and installation costs are reduced: For ease of installation, Pharmchem fabric expansion joints can be factory pre-assembled and delivered to the job site. They are light in weight and can be hoisted into position with minimal field assembly.

Lower System Design Costs: Because Pharmchem fabric expansion joints can accommodate all types of movements at the same time, the system’s overall cost can be reduced by utilizing large, multi-plane movements. It is possible to simplify the system geometry. The use of expensive toggles, hangers, support structures, and guides can be greatly reduced, as well as the engineering time required to design the system.