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Increased awareness on global warming and climate change has forced people to rethink how they use power and what the future holds in a world with an ever-expanding need for more power. We can no longer depend on fossil fuels to fulfill our power requirements because the environmental costs are too high, and it’s not sustainable in the long run as a reliable source of energy, pushing the world towards more sustainable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydro. 

Solar is among the most commonly used energy source in Indian households as solar battery price is cost-effective, and is much more practical for use on a daily basis compared to energy produced from wind and hydro-based solutions. Moreover, the easy availability of solar inverters, with different ranges of solar battery price, makes it accessible for all, and they are available in all shapes and sizes to suit a variety of requirements, making solar the go-to solution for off-the-grid living.

All you need is a panel, an inverter, and a battery to set up your own little power grid at home to reduce or completely eliminate your reliance on grid power to meet your energy requirements. While the panel taps into the power of the sun and the inverter converts it into electricity, the battery is the storage unit that keeps the generated power neatly tucked within itself to use when the need arises. 

If you are planning to switch to solar energy, you need to ensure that the battery you get is of high-quality because even if you have invested in a good inverter and panel – a  mediocre battery can quickly diminish the efficiency of the entire unit. 

Luminous has a wide range of batteries that are made using the highest quality components and provide consistent power backup for years with almost zero maintenance. Here are two batteries from the house of Luminous with solar battery price you can buy right away if you are planning to set up your home for solar!

  • Solar Battery 150 Ah – LPTT12150H

Priced at 18,264, the solar battery 150 Ah – LPTT12150H is made using a tubular plate construction which gives the battery a superior performance. Made using corrosion-resistant spine-alloy elements, and the high purity of this battery ensures a long service life. The battery’s plates are designed using the finest of components which allows for higher charge acceptance and comes with a 72-month warranty. This is an ideal battery for homes, small shops, and a variety of commercial applications.


Capacity 150 Ah
Model LPTT 12150H
Warranty 72 months
Height up to terminal (±3 cm) 44.0 CM
Length (±3 cm) 50.2 CM
Breadth (±3 cm) 19.1 CM
Filled weight (±5% Kg) 60 kg
Electrolyte Volume ±5% Ltr 20.6 ltr


  • Solar Battery 80 Ah – LPT1280H

The solar battery price for the Luminous solar battery 80 Ah – LPT1280H is 14,400. The batter has an 80 Ah rated capacity @C10, 12V, and comes with a 60-month warranty. It uses next-gen tubular plate technology resulting in better charge acceptance for long backup. The battery is great for homes, small shops, and for use in a variety of commercial applications.


Capacity 80 Ah
Model LPT 1280H
Warranty 60 months
Height up to terminal (±3 cm) 27.7 CM
Length (±3 cm) 50.5 CM
Breadth (±3 cm) 22.0 CM
Filled weight (±5% Kg) 37.5 kg
Electrolyte Volume ±5% Ltr 11.7 ltr


Always go for a battery that’s made using the best of components since they last a lot longer than batteries made using cheaper techniques. A high-quality will continue to operate at its peak throughout its service life and offers the most value for money in the long run as they require almost ZERO maintenance and upkeep. If you are looking to purchase a solar battery for your home solar system, don’t forget to check out Luminous’ range of high-powered solar batteries today!