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Orlando, Florida, Oct. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amid the 2021 NFT explosion, a new hero burst onto the scene. His name happens to be Bob, he happens to be white, and he happens to work in the accounting department. Bob may sound a bit vanilla, but, in this case, Bob is the canvas in which diverse strokes are painted in the tutorial to help those purchasing an NFT on the OpenSea marketplace.

What Makes World of White Dudes NFT Interesting: A Clash with Diversity
Simply put, the project is interesting because it stays true to its intention of highlighting diversity and inclusion while inciting confusion in others who judged the book by its cover (the cover being Bob). The project beautifully dances the tango of nuance over these issues without missing a step. Christopher di Girolamo, the artist behind WOWD, says:

“I was inspired to highlight just how diverse we all are. If you launched an art project highlighting diversity within exclusive groups like ‘women of the world,’ the overall reaction today would be very supportive. I wanted to take this ‘diversity within exclusive groups’ concept to the extreme with World of White Dudes by highlighting the diversity within the group ‘white male Bobs who work in accounting.’

“When learning about WOWD, people are generally either angry – at the assumed exclusivity based on race/gender, or amused – at the absurdity of the project. I really want both groups of people to take a deeper look and think for themselves. You really can find diversity within any singular group of people. Yes… even in a group of white dudes named Bob who work in the accounting department.

World of White Dudes is a snapshot of Internet culture at an interesting crossroads in time: digital artwork is selling for millions of dollars, and the idea of diversity has been manipulated by marketing teams and corporate activists to the point of becoming inane.

Another interesting aspect of WOWD is the hidden attributes of the artwork. Each Bob has regrets and a happiness level coded into the NFT itself. NFTs generally don’t have a backstory or dialogue attached to them, and WOWD is one of the first and few projects that bakes in a unique narrative as an attribute. The WOWD community has already embraced this by comparing their Bob’s regrets to their own.

To find out more about World of White Dudes and its quest to curb the inane, visit the website.
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