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The Council for Federal Cannabis Regulation (CFCR) last Thursday launched its inaugural monthly webinar series in which regulators and industry professionals will participate in moderated conversations regarding responsible cannabis regulation. Last week’s webinar focused on the impact of a groundbreaking CBD study published in the top international peer-reviewed medical journal, JAMA, and, which demonstrated a positive therapeutic effect of CBD with a defined dose in a randomized clinical trial on reduction of anxiety, depression, fatigue in front line health care workers.

The webinar featured guest speaker Dr. Vicki Seyfert-Margolis, a former FDA leader and Chairwoman of the Science & Regulatory Affairs Committee for CFCR, along with moderators Jack Jacobson from Thompson Coburn LLP and CFCR’s own Executive Director Sarah Chase.

The webinar focused on how the study was conducted, that is, in a hospital, using front line healthcare workers, which made gathering data much easier and more cost effective. The study demonstrated that medically valid “randomized controlled” trials (RCT) can be done with cannabinoids, including clinical assessments for safety and efficacy using such well-known and understood tools as blood tests, and standard medical grade scales for assessments. This study can be a “blueprint” for other cannabinoid researchers to model and provide the science the FDA is seeking.

One big takeaway is while close to 5% of the study participants experienced mild to serious elevated liver enzymes, the liver enzymes returned to normal after discontinuation of CBD.

The monthly webinar series will continue over WebEx on Thursday, October 28 with a focus on what federal regulators can learn from current state laws, regulations, and the best practices governing cannabis. This webinar will feature panelists from various state legislative offices and current cannabis regulators.

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