Maria Pegueros, a promising author, has completed her new book “Viviendo con Cornelia de Lange“: an uplifting story of a struggling yet relentless mother whose unconditional love for her son beats the odds of having a disability.

Pegueros shares, “This little book is dedicated to so many parents who have asked me for help at Children’s Health Pediatric Group in Texas. They have asked me to give conferences, information, and follow-up on this condition. Due to lack of time, I had not been able to publish it, but this is for you parents out there: Living with Cornelia de Lange as a family.”

Published by Page Publishing, Maria Pegueros’ poignant tale of a determined mother whose son has a disability shows an incredible life filled with overflowing strength and patience. This book also recognizes the bittersweet moments that turn into worries instead, finding solutions and setting no limitations to anybody, with or without a disability.

Readers who wish to experience this sentimental work can purchase “Viviendo con Cornelia de Lange” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.