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An exciting new partnership has been announced between the Drone Racing League (DRL) and Algorand, the leading high-performance blockchain platform. DRL is recognized globally for cutting-edge technology, immersive sports entertainment, and thrilling, high-speed drone racing. The partnership will allow the company to offer a new generation of fan experiences through the Algorand blockchain.

DRL’s fans are primarily tech enthusiasts, early adopters with an open mind towards new forms of entertainment, 40 times more likely to follow and engage with crypto social media than the general population. Therefore, introducing blockchain into drone racing promises exceptional fan engagement and interest. DRL will be launching blockchain-enabled ticketing, collectibles, fan transactions, and NFTs on Algorand, and welcome crypto developers, programmers, and coders to Algorand hackathon events at DRL races around the world.

Innovating Sports

The partnership between Algorand and Drone Racing League set the stage for the sport of the future. Both companies are recognized as tech powerhouses revolutionizing sports and advanced technology at an accelerated pace, expanding the universe of decentralized gaming.

“The Drone Racing League’s global, tech-obsessed fans love that our sport constantly evolves, and blockchain was the next groundbreaking technology in our sights. Algorand shares our values of speed, innovation, and inclusivity. As the largest partnership in DRL’s history, we have ambitious plans to deliver a unique sports experience in the metaverse. We are incredibly excited about how this partnership will change the game for sports and tech fans and the blockchain community around the world,” said DRL President Rachel Jacobson.

“Algorand and the Drone Racing League are the most technically advanced disruptive and visionary organizations in blockchain and sports respectively. We are excited that DRL will leverage Algorand’s technology to create immersive in-game experiences and introduce millions of technology enthusiasts to the possibilities that blockchain can bring to racing and to sports as we know them today,” said Steve Kokinos, CEO of Algorand.

The partnership will develop over the next 5 years, with Algorand having the Title rights of the DRL World Championship circuit. DRL will develop a Digital Drone Racing series built into Algorand’s blockchain network, and the company’s broadcast, social, and gaming channels will showcase the power of Algorand blockchain.

DRL World Championship

DRL is launching their 2021-2022 DRL World Championship Season with the promise of combining the best of esports and real drone racing.

The 2021-2022 DRL Season will be broadcast on NBC Sports and Twitter, DRL’s expanded media partners. The world’s top 12 drone pilots will race high-speed drones through 14 levels set up in iconic sports arenas and DRL SIM virtual maps.

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