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We need the right nutrition for our brains to work properly. What does this mean? Proper food, relaxation, oxygenation, training.

I would like to write about some essential nutrients and food, which we should eat if not daily, but weekly in this Fall time.
We all know about the “B” vitamins and their complexity for overall health. We should eat food which contains B1, B6, B 12…In the matter of supplements, if you eat enough of those, in my opinionyou do not need those. Like every Dr. urgent the B6, I found out through my experience on nutrition, that most people have enough or even too much B6not to mention when some doctors like psychiatrists are telling you about the need for B6. Do not get me wrong, some might need this vitamin, but, generally speaking, people who have a proper diet, can get it from every single seed and cereal. I would like to mention, that studies find out, that too much B6, especially from chemical supplements for a longer period, might give to your bodybone, and muscle pains. B 12 is another issue, and everybody tells that most vegans need it. This is also something, that is not very well studied. So, what should we do about this? With proper nutrition and sometimes, 1-2 times a year, we can do actually a natural B complex cure, for a short period, so in this way will be safe. Autumn is one of those timesso if you think you do not eat ok, or you have a stressed timeyou can choose a natural option of B vitamins.
What should we eat?
Well, the most important food and cereal which contains essential nutrients and B vitamins are oats. Fortunately, you can find this cereal in many options also available for those with a gluten-free diet. You can also obtain fortified products. Oats are full of fibers. Proteins contain carbs and give you lots of energy. Vitamin B6 works as a coenzyme in our bodies, so they are very important in metabolism and energy saving. Oats also contain lecithin, just like seeds.
Sonow we can trust in seeds, too in this period, which is rich in omegas, just be aware in choosing natural, or organic products, or trusted ones, from the local market.
Another nutrient that our brains and body need in this season is dopamine, which is made by tyrosine amino-acid. This can be added to our nutrition from foods like tofu, soy milk, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, etc.
Tyrosine also boosts communication between some nerve cells and plays a role in thyroid production hormones.
It says the happiness hormone is serotonin. Well, studied enough or not, but we know for sure that serotonin is produced with the help of proper nutrition which contains and tryptophan amino-acid, relaxation, exercise, sun, and natureFor the best nutrition, we can eat some food which will help our bodies to make serotonin, like banana, leguminous foods, beetroot, tomatoes, fennel, spinach, etc.
Those will help you to be less aggressive, maintain healthy muscles, pain control, and will help you to feel more relaxed.
In Fall, we all need essential fats, called “grease”, which will help the information flow in our brains. This will also help us to protect the nervous system and brain cells. Olive oil and seeds are the best we can use. Seedsbanana, soy, plant-based yogurt also contains fruits, orange juice, tofu, beansalmonds, kale, tempeh, turnip greensgreen leaves, tahini, broccolialso contains calciumcereals, cocoa, cashewpeanut, quinoa, avocado, oat, are all great sources of these. However, do not forget, you need sunshine and/or to take natural and oily supplements of vitamin D, to get the right absorption of all these mentioned above. Those will help to relax your brain cells and help in concentration.
Another essential nutritious food, I would like to mention is Walnut. It is essential for our brain and contains almost everything which our brain needs in a matter of nutrition. We can call it “brain food”. Walnuts are also very popular in Autumn as it is a seasonal food, too. Walnuts are not only essential for the brain but will help to prevent bowel cancer and arteriosclerosis. Walnuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, like linoleic acid, which work as a protective shield for sensitive brain cells. 

Walnuts looks like our Brain
Walnuts look like our Brain

So, in this period we should eat and chew walnuts every single day, just in a low amount, because of the calories.
We have plenty of food and you can do your own research, what to eat in this “autumn-starter” period. Other important things we should be focused on are positive thinking, new targets and find our inner purpose, and working on ourselves, or start new thingsnew diets, so on…It is the right time to start to be more conscious, fitter, and make your life better. I know it sounds like we used to have in Spring, but our bodies are changing every minuteperiodseason, and has a reaction to external factors.
September is also a great start to rise up on yourself to start to be a better Self! You can even use, so-called “magic spells” or positive prayers like:

– “I feel good and slim”

– “I feel healthy and happy

– “I am lucky to live Now”

– “I love my body and my life

– “I am full of healthy cells, and so it is

You can also take some minutes, daily, to look into a mirror and say out loud the following sentences:

– “I love you, and You are beautiful”

– “You are the best and healthiest person I know

– “You look so good and healthy”

– “I trust you

Those affirmations will help you to recalibrate your brain to feel like you want.
Good Luck!