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As retailers, buyers, manufacturers, wholesalers and other business leaders gather for Natural Products Expo East – the largest natural and organic products trade exhibition in the Eastern U.S. – in late September, blk. Functional Beverages may be the only brand showcasing a line of delicious-tasting, zero-calorie, alkaline pH functional waters infused with fulvic minerals.

blk. Water is known for its beneficial patented fulvic trace mineral blend. Sourced from rich mineral deposits found deep within the earth, trace fulvic and humic minerals have been reported to help support the human body in effectively breaking down, absorbing and transporting key nutrients.

Once added to purified water, fulvic minerals turn the water black naturally (without artificial dyes or colorings; and blk. never stains your teeth!). Available in Original (unflavored) and 12 deliciously unique flavors, the blk. formula delivers powerful electrolytes, trace minerals, and an alkaline pH water beverage without any carbs, calories, or sugar.

“We are excited to engage with retail buyers, nutritionists, industry leaders, media members and others at Natural Products Expo East. We are confident the show producers are following all safety protocols in coordination with the Philadelphia Convention Center and local officials, and we look forward to connecting with longtime friends and colleagues, and introducing our functional beverages to new buyers,” said Sara Bergstein, CEO of blk.

Coming into Natural Products Expo East, blk. recently announced that the company appointed beverage industry veteran Bob Groux as SVP of Sales, and nationally renowned sales and brokerage firm Acosta as its national sales and marketing agency of record. In addition to distribution throughout the U.S., blk. also announced it is available for distribution across Canada.