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The Norco Canadian Enduro Championships presented by Concord Pacific feature professional and amateur riders from all over Canada to bring the most exciting enduro race in Canada for 2021. Concord Pacific announced it will be offsetting entry fees through Whistler Community Services for families identified in need, in an attempt to support access for local kids to the sport.

The race will be hosted by The Sundial Hotel in Whistler and the Municipality in a socially distanced format, where racers are split into multiple separate events to avoid mass starts or mass finishes. Competitors will be racing the clock instead of each other to see who the fastest enduro racer in Canada is.

Jackie Dickinson, Executive Director of the WCSS, said “Whistler Community Services Society is very grateful to work in collaboration with Concord Pacific and the Norco Canadian Enduro Championships in an effort to provide financially restricted individuals ages 12-21 an opportunity to access important events in our corridor which support and enhance the health and well-being of all residents.”

Family members who meet the financial requirements and eligible individuals looking to get connected to this opportunity can contact their main office at 604-932-0113 from Monday to Saturday 9:00am-4:30pm or by emailing [email protected].

David Ju, Concord Pacific Vice-President, commented “The support Whistler Community Services provides for Whistler is staggering. Jackie and the team truly personify the soul of this close-knit community and are a focus for our continued support. The organizers of the Norco Canadian Enduro Series have a unique model of legacy building for the Communities they host races in. We hope our support will help families and with legacy building here in Whistler.”

Ted Morton, Canadian Enduro Series and Championship Founder, said “While this event is a steppingstone to the Enduro World Series, the Norco Canadian Enduro Championship recognizes the importance of host communities. Over that past five years, we have donated more than $250,000 to local trail associations. For this event, we have partnered with the Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association (WORCA). We worked with Association President, Dale Mikkelsen, on a partnership which ensures that every participant of the event becomes a member of WORCA. This should generate approximately $13,000 in operating revenue for the club.”

Working to support and enrich the community, WORCA advocates, maintains, and develops trails, while providing numerous opportunities for riders whether it’s a fun recreational event or a high-performance training camp.

Morton also added “The Canadian Enduro Series is a multi-faceted operation. We provide high-level sporting events in the form of enduro mountain racing, trail advocacy, athlete development, media production, community showcases and most importantly, a fun and safe event, outside, for all to enjoy! This race is the culminating event for enduro racers in Canada, featuring professional and amateur riders ages 12+. This is the championship event for Canadian enduro races, so expect to experience many thrills and a few spills!”

Registration is still open online. Athletes will be able to pick their timing chip and racer package at the Sundial Hotel during allotted times. The Sundial Hotel is the official hotelier of the event and will be providing a COVID-friendly space for athletes to complete the registration process.

Register for the race here.