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Presenting Professor Bunsen Teaches Mathᵀᴹ

PRESCOTT, Ariz., Aug. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In response to unprecedented challenges presented by the worldwide Pandemic, as well as the persistent drawbacks of antiquated ‘one-size-fits-all’ learning, The Prodigy Factory presents AI- Gamified learning tools for students, parents and teachers called Professor Bunsen Teaches Math. Professor Bunsen Teaches Math is the first in a series of progressively 1:1 lifetime learning tools. Grades K-5 are available now. Grades 6-8 to follow soon. Some early reviews:

Sandra M (Teacher)
“The program is very interactive and is a style that would definitely excite a student to want to practice math. The sample problems are grade-level appropriate. It is on par with the programs that our district has bought. We have a number of reading and language programs and could use a good math supplemental program.”

Kristin C (Home Schooler)
“I wanted to update you to let you know our son who is starting kindergarten in the fall decided to try Professor Bunsen recently. He ended up completing the entire game! He wanted to get all the trophies, medals, and stickers so he completed every level of every game. Clearly you all figured out something catchy for kids to enjoy learning because he WANTED to finish the whole thing!”

Yvonne G (Home Schooler)
“I like having a game format that my 8-year-old is excited about playing to keep up on math skills during the summer. He really enjoys Bunsen Math.”

Dr. Dana Dominiak, CTO and co-founder of The Prodigy Factory, creator of Piano Prodigy, Dragon Ball Z and My Little Pony games said, “The process of learning math builds upon prior knowledge. Prior knowledge comes from 1:1 engagement and practice. Professor Bunsen Teaches Math’s smart gaming approach drives engagement and practice. It makes math fun!”

Lee Peterson, CEO and co-founder of The Prodigy Factory added, “Each grade level of Professor Bunsen Teaches Math contains a full 36 weeks of smart, game-supported lessons. Security and privacy are critically important to parents and children, so we put your child’s safety first. Your child does not need an internet connection to learn with Professor Bunsen. The Prodigy Factory does not collect your child’s data, or try to upsell your child on anything, ever!”

Get Professor Bunsen Teaches Math:, or the Apple Mac App Store. See all our products on the Mac store, just search “the prodigy factory, inc.”

About the Company:

Founded in 2018 by Dr. Dana Dominiak and Lee Peterson, The Prodigy Factory was created to provide AI-Gamified, Integrated Lifetime Learning (AGIL) to children and lifetime learners worldwide. We are specifically focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (‘STEAM’), which have proven to be practical subject areas that increase students’ abilities to obtain meaningful and profitable careers and succeed in life! Contact: [email protected] #PressRelease

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