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Environmental pollution or resource degradation is a top concern. Many movements are called to remedy this situation. One of them is indispensable in the name of green consumption, saying no to plastic waste.

However, is this concept of environmentally friendly consumption still vague for many people? So what does this consumer trend mean? How to catch up with the “green” standard of shopping to join hands to protect the Earth? Follow along below!

1. Green shopping – An inevitable trend to protect the environment

Green consumption is understood as a part of sustainable consumption, alluding to the purchase and use of environmentally friendly products, which are not harmful to human health and do not threaten the ecosystem. nature.

“Green” products include all categories such as household appliances, food, cosmetics, etc. They are all produced from natural ingredients, organic products or simple ingredients, which are less harmful to the environment. health and environment.

In addition, these “Green” products also include factors such as an environmentally friendly production process that does not contain harmful chemicals. Or those products help consumers save energy and other resources (electricity, water, etc.).

It can be said that the trend of green consumption and shopping is really booming in recent years. Promises to become the trend of future life. So what is the purpose and benefit of this trend?

First, reduce plastic waste. Buying green – clean, environmentally friendly products will contribute to reducing waste.

The second encourages production. The use of organic, natural products will encourage production to grow.

Third, promote sustainable consumption. From there, towards protecting resources, meeting sustainable development in the present without affecting the future.

However, many of you are still confused about this trend of consumption and shopping. Follow the basic rules below to do it right!

2. The right consumption principle “green” you need to know

As mentioned above, green consumption is the best way to protect the environment in the long run. And these are the principles in changing consumption habits to solve environmental problems.

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Principle 1: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Avoid buying what you don’t need. Reuse used items, and take full advantage of the items you already own.

Principle 2: Limit the use of internal motors to save energy.

Principle 3: Keep a distance closer to home: Work closer to home, to shorten the distance from the community. Eat foods grown near where you live. This helps to limit

Principle 4: Select enterprises with environmentally compliant production processes.

Principle 5: Support innovative ways to protect the environment.

Principle 6: Prioritize: Think carefully before buying any product. Do they really harm natural resources and the ecological environment? 


These principles are the basics that make it easier for you to change into more friendly consumer habits. If you don’t know how to do it, follow along!

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3. 5 simple ways for you to “catch the trend” of green consumption trends

It can be said that green consumption or shopping is a way for you to join hands to protect the Earth – our common home. Wondering how to “catch this trend”? What are you waiting for, do not immediately pocket the following basic tips:

Shop the right way           

Change the habit of buying only eco-friendly products and services. From there, towards minimizing adverse impacts on health and the environment.

It can be understood simply that you only buy items that are safe for the environment and really necessary. For example, buying vegetables from clean farms, without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Currently, there are many brands that produce products that have been certified by authorities, labeled with eco-labels. You can easily find products that meet “green” and “clean” standards.

Currently, there are many brands, online stores interested in shopping and environmental protection.

They have many campaigns to motivate consumers to create green shopping habits. This really brings positive effects to our consumer life.

Many websites offer coupons, discount codes, and promotions for shoppers when they choose to buy eco-friendly products. With just a small action, you have contributed to making our earth more green and wonderful.

Use environmentally friendly products

Using only environmentally friendly products is the way to help you live green. So what is a friendly product? That is, items made from biodegradable, non-toxic or recyclable materials.

You can immediately stop the habit of using plastic bags, single-use plastic bottles, plastic coffee cups… Instead, only use items made from the following friendly materials:

+ Paper material: All kinds of packaging made from paper such as bags, cups, bowls… are easy to decompose without causing harm to the environment.

+ Recyclable materials: Use products made from recycled plastic or parts that can be reused. After use, they will be made into new products. This will contribute to saving resources and reducing waste generation.

+ Materials of wood, bamboo, and bamboo: Products such as straws, water glasses, baskets… made from these natural materials are both beautiful and safe. In particular, it does not contain harmful substances, naturally biodegradable without harming the ecological environment.

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+ Stainless steel material: All kinds of water bottles, spoons, straws … made of stainless steel. They can be reused many times, limiting waste discharge into the environment.

+ Products made from other materials such as banana leaves, grass, rice…

Limit plastic waste, household waste

Single-use plastics waste is the main cause of environmental pollution. According to statistics, every year there are up to 

Therefore, you should limit the use of canned food, eliminate single-use plastic items, and use reusable items made of glass, metal, paper instead. ..

Besides, the classification of waste is also a “green living” action. You can use composted organic waste as fertilizer for vegetables, indoor plants, for example.

Please cover the garbage!

Shop for energy-saving household appliances

Save resources and energy by shopping for energy-efficient products. Besides, don’t forget to take actions that help save energy. For example, turn off electrical appliances when not in use, use the air conditioner properly, etc.

Also control the amount of domestic water by using a water tank when washing dishes, repairing and replacing leaky faucets, etc.

Reuse everything possible

Another way to implement consumer-friendly principles is to recycle products that can be reused many times. Turn your junk into interesting, useful objects.            

There are many used items that just need a little ingenuity that you can turn into handmade items, jewelry, or any other useful items. If you do not know, you can refer to the tips on the internet.

Hopefully, the above sharing has helped you understand green consumption as well as how to do it. Let’s join hands to change shopping and consumption habits to protect the green – clean – beautiful Earth!