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Choosing the right motorcycle helmet is the most important gear to protect your head from a crash.

Not wearing the correct helmet or wearing a helmet at all would lead to a fatal road accident.

To ensure safe head protection, I am going to provide you with a detailed guide on how to choose a motorcycle helmet.

Tips on How to Choose Motorcycle Helmet

To choose the right motorcycle helmet for your ride, there are certain guides to consider before you head out and choose the correct headgear. When planning to find the right headgear for your ride, you must consider the guides that are right for your head.

The buying guides mention below:

Legal Safety Standards

Motorcycle helmets carry legal safety standards that help to ensure a helmet is legal and safe to hit the road. Three legal standards are DOT, ECE and Snell. Since not all helmets carry a legal safety standard, it is important to go for a helmet that carries one of these legal safety stamps. To search for the right helmet for your ride is to consider the legal safety standard.

Head Size and Shape

The head size and shape is one of the most important factors to consider as the right head size and shape saves your head from the crash. Many riders struggle to find the right helmet size in which they end up suffering headaches and dizziness in long routes. To find the right head size is to take a measuring tape and measure from the inch above your eyebrows around to the midway of your head. Just above your neck. You will find the accurate head size.

Different helmets have various internal structures that fit different head shapes. To find an accurate head shape is to flatten your hair as flat as possible and take the picture above your head. Three head shapes are round, intermediate and long oval. Do take care that different helmet brands have their head size chart. To avoid inaccurate sizing is to check your head size and shape before buying the right gear.

Helmet types

No helmets are the same as headgears have made six types of helmets. They are full face, modular, open face, dirt bike, dual sport and half face. How you want to choose the right helmet depends on the helmet types. Since no helmet is 100% perfect as each type has its pros and cons. To know how to choose a motorcycle helmet is to consider the helmet types.

Eye protection

Eye protection comes into consideration as your eyes help to protect from debris and to allow a wide vision on the road. Helmets provide visors to protect any residues from entering the eyes and to ride safely in extreme conditions. Since eye protection matters as much as head protection, it is best to choose a helmet that comprises a range of visors.


The weight of the helmet is crucial in head protection as the weight helps to reduce the pressure on the head and neck in long rides. Different helmets have different weights which all you have to do is to try the helmet on and feel the weight. This will give you an idea of how lightweight the headgear is. To look for the right headgear is to go for a helmet that is lightweight enough for long rides.


The materials of the helmet are essential in head protection as the materials demonstrate long-lasting protection from impacts. Different helmet manufacturers have made various materials to allow durable gear such as polycarbonate, thermoplastic alloy, carbon fibre and fibreglass composite. To ensure safe head protection is to consider the materials the helmet has to offer.

Interior padding

The interior padding is the most important feature in motorcycle helmets as the inner liner helps to displace energy in the middle of an impact. Some helmets offer a moisture-wicking function to wick off sweat to keep your head cool and comfortable in the summer. To ensure a safe ride is to go for a helmet that offers thick interior padding.

Retention system

The retention system is the helmet’s biggest security as the retention system helps to add further protection of the jaw and chin from impacts. There are various retention systems including reinforced chin strap, double D-ring buckle, metal latch, micrometric closure and many more. When choosing the right helmet is to check the retention system that does not irritate your skin.

Terrain you ride

How to choose a motorcycle helmet depends on the terrain you ride and the duration of the trip. For instance, if you hit the road daily, you need a helmet that comprises durable features to prevent damage in different conditions. If you ride on tough terrains, you need to search for an off-road helmet. When planning to choose the right helmet for your ride is to consider where and how often you ride.


The ventilation is considered the most comfortable feature in motorcycle helmets. Regardless of the helmet type, it is crucial to go for a helmet that offers a sufficient ventilation channel. This helps to save your head from headaches and suffocation. When planning to choose the right helmet is to go for headgear that offers sufficient ventilation channels.

Extra features

Motorcycle helmets provide extra features to allow an enjoyable ride. Such extra features include a pair of gloves, a helmet bag, a space to fit the Bluetooth headset in, a breath guard, pin lock shields, extra visors and many more. To enjoy the safest head protection is to check out the extra features the helmet has to offer. These features might come in handy for future rides.


The durability of the helmet comes into consideration as the helmet exposes to different weather conditions. This causes damage and wear and tear. To prevent this from happening is to go for a helmet that comprises advanced features to allow a safe ride. This will protect the headgear from different weather conditions. To ensure safe head protection is to go for a helmet that has greater durability.


The colour of the helmet should take into account the visibility of the road. However, it is not much of an important feature; you should go for a helmet that stands out on the road. This depends on the duration and the time of day you ride. For instance, if you ride at night, you need to go for a brightly coloured helmet.

Wrap Up

Here is the guide on how to choose a motorcycle helmet where choosing the right helmet helps to save you from the crash. The helmet is the most important headgear where it helps to enhance greater road safety. If you struggle to find the right headgear, refer to the guides above to choose the right helmet for your ride.

So read these guides above and enjoy the ride!