NEW YORK, June 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — It’s no secret that the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world in the beginning of 2020, has hit many quite close to home. Apart from financial stress and breaking mental health barriers, quarantines have taken a toll on relationships and have even resulted in divorce and break ups, leading to many individuals to reach out to Kasamba, an online psychic chat service.

So, how exactly have relationships been affected? Kasamba weighs in on the effects and the most common themes their top experts are approached with.

“I need my space!“

Everyone needs their space; no matter how in love you are. We all need a breather but being closed up in a home with your partner for almost 24/7 doesn’t allow for any personal space. One of the top Kasamba advisors, psychic Devin adds, “ This is a huge issue for many couples. Being closed up by 4 walls day in and day out is bound to create unhealthy dynamics within a relationship. All of a sudden, couples are fighting over things that would otherwise seem petty on a normal day”.

While trying to overcome this issue may seem daunting, Psychic Devin says @ There are ways to resolve this issue, even in quarantine and lockdowns. The best way is to firstly understand and accept the fact that your partner ( and yourself) needs a breather. Take an hour or two during the day to be alone and do something enjoyable. Listening to music or a podcast can work wonders”.

Pandora’s Box

Quarantines and lockdowns are now known to open Pandoras Box and unravel a plethora of small issues between partners. What would not bother someone pre-pandemic all of a sudden seems like a huge issue when it’s constantly “unearthed”. Jackie R. from London recalls “ My boyfriend’s messy habits drove me insane. The funny thing is, we’ve been together for 4 years, so it was no secret but because we were spending days in each other’s faces, it really took things to the next level. We were constantly fighting and frustrated with each other”.

Small things like Jackie’s above mentioned story can definitely feel like a big thing when it’s presented and resurfaced every day. And, such small things can make way to bigger issues as often, these types of things cause a domino – effect.

Of course, putting habits aside, bigger issues can arise and that is more on an emotional and personal level. Psychic Zuco explains, “ All of a sudden, people are left to their thoughts and feelings. They now have ample time to sit and think about everything- feelings that were once suppressed and covered up by fast-tracked daily routines all of a sudden surface. I have helped countless couples when it comes to deciphering their feelings and tapping into their partner’s energy for insights”.

It Doesn’t Have To End

These issues don’t always mean that a relationship has to end. In fact, according to Psychic Sara, she thinks this is the perfect opportunity to touch base on issues , work on them, and move forward thus coming out stronger than ever.

While a record number of people have turned to Kasamba this past year for love and relationship advice, the advisors who help and guide clients on the platform have been able to salvage the ship that seems lost at sea (but actually isn’t).

Psychic Chat Sessions VS Counselling

More and more people are turning to online psychic services such as Kasamba for many reasons. One of them being, Kasamba’s sessions are catered for all budgets and don’t come with a hefty price bracket like counselling. Also, users have reported that it’s easier to really dig deep and be honest when they are chatting to someone anonymously.

Psychic chat sessions on Kasamba also offer users a spiritual focus rather than counselling that doesn’t offer extra added insights.


All in all, Kasamba has pledged to help and be there for their clients, especially in these challenging Covid times. Psychic advisors are available 24/7 and also, 3 free minutes are available with every psychic advisor, giving users the freedom to choose the best expert for them. Whether someone is faced with general relationship woes, or needs advice and clarity on break-ups and divorce, there’s an expert on Kasamba for everyone.

Contact: Santiago Rosen | Kasamba, Inc. | 972-74-700-4370 | [email protected]

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